Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Starts and Spring Veggies

Hey-O, peeps! Happy Tuesday! What are you all up to today? Have you guys started looking around for what you might get your mother for Mother's Day? It's in less than two weeks, and for once I've acted early and gotten my mom a six-month subscription to Birchbox. My mom loves trying new beauty products, so basically I'm setting her up with a "crack" dealer so she can discover new products to which she will become addicted. I'm such a good daughter.

Speaking of new products, I purchased some new running shoes yesterday. You guys like?

This is my second pair of Nike shoes, which I didn't used to buy for running since, let's face it, if you're a runner you're probably wearing Asics or Mizuno or Brooks--not Nike. But I bought these because I wanted a pair of really comfy shoes--that also happened to be kinda cute--to wear to my new job at the Humane Society! Yes! I'm not going to be unemployed all summer! I got the job for which I applied recently, and start training in two weeks. I'll be working thirty hours per week, probably Thursday-Saturday, so I'll need some shoes that give my feet, legs, and back a bit of a break. It's not that I'll be standing or walking the whole time, but since my feet, legs, and back seem to get sore now that I'm knocked up I figured I better be prepared.

My job title is "Adoption Specialist," which just means that I'm like an animal adoption counselor and facilitator. Obviously I've never done the job before and am thus unsure about how much I'll like/love it, but it is nice to know that I'll be making some money and being somewhat useful in the months before I give birth and right after. Hopefully by Spring semester 2014 I'll be able to pick up a few lit/writing classes at CU Boulder or a local community college too. Or, maybe I'll just decide to be a stay at home mom and spend my days googling new products for my baby.

Lastly, asparagus is really tasty right now.

You should get some and roast it with olive oil, s + p, and lemon juice. It's good, though apparently not as good as the white asparagus they eat more frequently in Europe and in France especially. Read all about it here: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/01/dining/white-asparagus-frances-spring-treat.html

Mine looks prettier.

*Have you ever had white asparagus? What's it like?


  1. I just bought an asparagus bunch at Whole Foods this weekend and they had some stalks in there that were HUGE! I almost break down and try the white every time I see them at the store but then I see the price and decide green is good enough.

    1. Hmm...maybe I should suck it up and taste white asparagus for all of us!