Friday, April 19, 2013

Phlebotomy Friday

Happy Weekend! Whew! For being recently relieved of almost all work I sure do like it when the weekend comes. There is just a slightly greater degree of relaxation that happens, I think, at least for meeeeez. Also helping with the relaxation is that I finished my final corrections on my dissertation and submitted it to the university. Double whew!

Today has been a pretty good Friday all round. I went to bootcamp, came home for lunch and to submit my dissertation, and then went back down to town to run oodles of errands. I had to go to Home Depot to get top soil for the trees that we planted last year. I had to go to Target to get a party bag for my niece Ella, who's first birthday party is tomorrow. I had to go to the pet store to buy a shit-ton of dog food for our little princess Haruki. And I also had to give a boatload of blood at the hospital for some pregnancy tests. On a side note, being a phlebotomist must be a very strange job. I mean, imagine purposefully taking a very sharp object and pushing it through someone's skin. Weird, yes?

Also, did I mention that I went to the grocery store? While I was there I was delighted to see a lot of loose strawberries.

It was like a real market instead of a corporate grocery store. Cute, right?

Also cute? I think I might've felt baby move today. That's very strange to write, but it was really sort of fun when it happened. I smiled, which seems like a good sign. Kinda makes up for my boo-hoo post from yesterday, and also for the fact that I drove around yesterday like this:

Pants unbuttoned. Yup. Next I'm going to start wearing a greasy trucker cap and bending over so people can see my ass. It'll be a new TLC show--something like "White Trash Mommas" or "White Trash and Knocked Up!"

*To what summer fruit are you most looking forward?


  1. If you are trying to make your jeans last longer, an elastic hair tie through the button hole and around the button does an excellent job.