Monday, April 22, 2013

Pasta and Parties!

It's a good thing the weekend started off with this:

Since Saturday was my niece's birthday party and I felt compelled to eat some of this:

Wow, right? You should've seen baby chow into that little pink cake. Messy hands won't stop this girl from getting her sugar fix!

FYI, David and I will most definitely not be having an angelic blond baby. My guess is that she will come out with snot and drool already in whatever brown hair she has.

Before going to the birthday shindig in the afternoon, David and I did another kid/baby thing and went to a huge baby consignment sale in East Boulder. I had never been to one before, but basically it's where yuppie Boulderites sell off their expensive baby gear when they're done with it. We got a ton of baby stuff that we needed--all costing much, much less than they would cost new. I haven't mentioned this here, but I don't think that I'll be having a baby shower, so all this stuff is really necessary. You know, since we didn't have a baby swing before getting pregnant. (For Ruki?)

After Saturday's hectic pace I was really looking forward to a relaxing Sunday. First things first: prenatal yoga. This was kind of a big deal for me, since I generally dislike most yoga and am suspicious of anything that is marketed just to pregnant peeps. I took a class at Yo Mama Yoga, and I'd say it was about what I expected, i.e., not much of a workout and a lot more about stretching, visualizing, and breathing. In other words, I would never do this regularly if I weren't knocked up. But, on the off chance that going to prenatal yoga will make this baby magically exit from my body with little to no pain, I'm going to start going once per week. I don't think I could take more than that, so hopefully that's enough.

Sunday afternoon was filled with more resting, followed by a short hike with David and Haruki and then dinner. I had been wanting a bowl of pasta for awhile, so I made some whole wheat spaghetti with roasted zucchini:

I was pretty proud of myself for cooking dinner instead of toasting an english muffin and eating frozen broccoli.

*How recently did you eat cake?


  1. Uhh last night?...

    But really I did. Another birthday, another Chantilly cake. I usually hate going to a yoga class if it doesn't feel like I actually got a workout in, but I suppose a good stretch session does the body good too.

    1. I would go to yoga everyday if my reward was Chantilly cake...