Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cheese = Donuts

Good news, friends! I got my iPhone camera fixed! Well, sorta. I had a "Genius" (those Apple peeps feel really good about themselves, don't they?) appointment yesterday to have it looked at, and after five minutes the "genius" just came back and just gave me a new phone. Lucky for me it's still under warranty, else that would've cost ~$230. Now I can spend that money on a donut world tour.

The "genius" said the problem was some defect with the camera, and I didn't ruin his theory by telling him that it was prolly my fingers that dented the camera screen when I was taking my case on and off repeatedly last week. David got some new prototypes for Popsockets last week, and we just had to test them out again and again and again.

So, bonus for you, you now get to see what I had for dinner last night.

My doctor says I should keep eating lots of beans, so that's what I did: bean salad with a whole wheat english muffin topped with some mozzarella I had leftover from Whole Foods. And olive oil and salt. It was pretty tasty, though if someone told me I'd be eating bean salads about ten years ago I would've hit them in the face with a frozen Lean Cuisine dinner.

Something else that's relatively new? I'm eating more cheese! It was only a few months ago that I made the groundbreaking discovery that parmesan cheese makes most things taste better, and now that I'm baking a little McNugget in my uterus I've decided to listen to all the pregnancy books and start eating more low-fat dairy products. This shift seems healthy in my mind, largely because it means that I'm declassifying cheese as this terrifyingly unhealthy thing that I really can't eat. So, job well done and another donut earned, at least in my book. (Yah, in my book eating cheese means you deserve fried dough.)

In other news, it snowed. Again.

Haruki and I are tired of hibernating. Please send us spring weather.

*What about you--cheese-wise? Do you eat cheese regularly? When you do, do you think about all that yummy calcium?


  1. That melty mozzarella looks delicious. I hate how dairy has a bad reputation in the healthy food world as it is seriously delicious. My sister and I recently decided that all dairy is healthy because "it's calcium!" This was also a conversation we had over two love it sized cups of Cold Stone ice cream. I once tried to pick up my lap top from the Apple store where it was being fixed and 5 "Geniuses" couldn't figure out how to unlock the cage they had it secured in. Genius...sure...

    1. OK, good--so I'm right about cheese. Whew.