Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Shorty

Yah, photo shorty if you will, since this pre-momma is dragging ass and ready to cease brain functioning. The weekend was full, though, so here are the highlights!

First up: my first trip to the annual Boulder Farmer's Market.

(I wasn't the only one who went this weekend for the first time either.) I went by myself after a class at my gym and before I volunteered for a Humane Society gala event. I looked at the locally grown produce, but really, I went for lunch. See?

That's a spicy corn tamale with pinto beans and green chili. It was, in case you can't tell from the picture,  pretty delicious.

I also had the top off of this banana blueberry muffin:

I ate all this while sitting in the grass and enjoying the seventy-degree temperatures. It was pretty nice. We're getting more snow this week, by the way. If you don't hear from me on Thursday (the day after the snow storm is supposed to arrive), then you'll know why.

View from the Coors Events Center, where I went next to volunteer for the Humane Society:

The other big event that happened this weekend was that David and I went down to Greenwood Village, Colorado to babysit his niece and nephew for the night while their parents are in Hawaii. We drove down on Sunday and spent the afternoon at a park, playing basketball and, OK, I admit it, sitting in the shade and reading Call the Midwife on my iPhone. What?? My feet hurt from standing too much at the Humane Society gala, so I took full advantage of some time in the shade on a reclining patio chair.

David, however, was forced to climb a tree in order to get our rogue volleyball.

After the park, we headed to dinner at a local Chinese restaurant, where we (apparently) ordered everything on the menu.

Chinese food isn't usually my most favorite, but the tofu and broccoli dish I had really hit the spot last night. Actually, I should clarify that. I actually love Chinese food, if by "Chinese Food" you mean greasy fried rice or deep fried tofu. But I can't usually bring myself to order those things and so I guess Chinese food ends up getting a bad rap in my book. Talk about race discrimination, geez.

*What do you order at a Chinese restaurant?


  1. I was really hoping to see myself walking around in the background of that FM picture but it looks like you were there later in the day. I really only go to get breakfast and only pretend to care about any of the produce :) Those tamales are the best! Mostly because there's no lard in them. My family ordered Chinese take out A LOT when I was younger but in recent years I've felt kind of skeeved out when I order it. I usually stick to PF Chang's. I know it's just a chain but I feel like it's slightly more upscale than most places.

    1. Haha--yah, I kind of expected to see you there too! I actually saw your sister that morning at WF too, so it would've made it a whole family kind of day:-)
      P.S. I can't stop myself from eating the deep-fried tofu at PF good...