Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Night Fun

But, not so much. Heh. Maybe pregnancy really is preparation for having a baby, because things have definitely slowed over here in the NCK household. To be fair, we were supposed to have dinner with my friend Heidi tonight but she was forced to cancel due to impending deadlines in her dental school program. At least that is what she told us. She's probably at some dental fair scamming free toothpastes and flosses. (Seriously. She loves that shit.)

Anyhow, just because our night is looking slow doesn't mean there weren't highlights of the day as a whole. My highlights included my bootcamp class this morning. I'm really going to miss going once my belly gets too big for jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and running drills. Mostly I'm going to miss seeing my girlfriends, with whom I gossip and complain in a fun and snarky way. 

Lunch today wasn't too shabby either, thanks to a return of kale, good bread, feta cheese, and some tofu from Alfalfa's.

Mmmm...feta. Still not nearly as good as the feta I ate in Annecy, France, but a creamy treat nonetheless.

After lunch, I cleaned the house. Boo. But I'd eaten too many animal crackers and decided that in order to take the edge off being full I'd better walk around, clean stuff, vacuum, and mop. So I guess overeating is sometimes a good idea?

In the afternoon I drove down to town with David, who had a faculty meeting. I was expecting that we'd stay in town until meeting Heidi for dinner, but since she canceled we cut our town excursion short. 

Not, however, before I had a chance to get a pedicure:

I know, right? What am I, like twelve? But it looked fun!

And lastly, a cute highlight of the day? Driving home with David when we saw a mini-herd of deer that included several baby/adolescent deer. We had to come to a stop to let them pass, so I got a pretty good shot of one of them.

A little mangy looking, but still really cute, right?

*What kinds of wildlife live near you? I don't want to freak out my mom in case she's reading, but one of our neighbors (about 1/3 mile away) caught this little cat on video outside their home:

That is not a house cat, people. In fact, it's a house cat and Ruki hunter. It's why David says we can't get another dog unless it's medium-sized or big. I say, get a small dog as insurance; the mountain lions will always go for the smaller prey and then we can be confident that Ruki won't get eaten:-)


  1. While I know they are common in Colorado, I'd still never like to come in contact with a mountain lion, thank you very much. We drove up to the mountains last fall to see the changing leaves and a moose burst out from the trees next to our car and darted in front of us, then galloped away. It was by far the craziest and funniest animal encounter I've ever had. That baby deer is adorable!

    1. Oooh, I've never seen a moose up close!

  2. I think my scariest encounter with an animal was with a deer. Now hear me out. My parents' house has this sunroom that is surrounded by windows. One night I was home alone, reading a book in the sunroom. I look up and saw a face pressed up against one of the windows. Needless to say I started screaming really loudly but then realized it was just a deer. I still double checked all the door locks and moved to another room with less windows.
    After we got our dog, there have been very few deer in our yard. However we hear coyotes every night, which is why our dog is locked in the garage at night.

    1. That sounds very scary indeed. It's the eyes at night--they're so bright and glassy that it's really startling. David walks Haruki after dark every night and often sees eyes of some sort, either foxes or deer. He doesn't mind because he can identify the animal based on the eyes, though I am terrified when it's completely dark and all I can see are creepy bright eyes watching me. Even when I know it's deer I don't like it.