Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hey! It snowed! And it's snowing! Again! In other news, the snow looks kind of interesting today.

Looks funky, huh? I'm not sure if you can quite tell from the photos, but there is a gradation of colors in the snow, prolly from having snow freezing and then having snow fall on it again. In person it looks very prehistoric, like a whereabouts a sabertooth tiger would chill if he were looking for something to do in a blizzard.

I took these pictures as I walked to our car, which was parked on the main road so we didn't have to risk getting stuck on our side road from all the snow. You all will be impressed to know that I reinstalled a windshield wiper all by myself this morning. I've tried to do this before and failed, so my success today really meant a lot. Heh.

I took the following picture this morning after my bootcamp class, when I went to get a few things from Whole Foods and partook of an orange juice sample.

Whoops. Apparently I put my baby in grave danger this morning! And, actually, yesterday morning too, since that's when I first had the orange juice sample and noticed this sign. (Yesterday, however, there were Whole Foods employees near the sample and I was too scared to take a picture of this warning.)

Life is really dangerous when you're growing a person--I barely escaped this orange juice booby-trap today!!

And finally, because it's the only other picture I've taken recently, here is some seitan:

I ate this yesterday. It's a prepackaged kind of seitan, and I thought it was pretty tasty. But I did want to post it and admit to all my non-vegetarian readers and friends that I do--based at least on pictures like this one--understand why people think vegetarian food is disgusting. When I'm eating it I like to think about what my brothers or dad would say about this were they to see me eating it. Something funny and fecal-related.

*What do you eat that others find disgusting?

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