Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Do-Over Tuesday

Remember last Tuesday? I mean, when it snowed 10-20 inches? Yah, well last night and today have been a repeat of that. David had to help me get the car out this morning so that I could go to my class at the gym. It probably sounds like I'm really intent on staying fit during pregnancy--which is largely true--but lately I really just need to get out of the house and see my friends from the gym. That sounds so sad when it write it out, but f-it, it's true! I hate being immobilized by the weather, and this first winter being up in our new house (in the mountains) has proven mentally challenging. When I lived in town it was always easy to get around Boulder either by car or by foot when it snowed. Living in the mountains has many advantages; getting stuck in snow storms is not one of them.

On the upside, trees sure do look pretty when it has just snowed. (Like I really give a f#$%.) (Wow that winter-induced bitterness keeps kicking in!)

In other news, I ain't got nothing to report. I've been glued, like I'm sure many of you, to the coverage of the events at the Boston marathon. Can I just say, in a moment of real honesty that could really lose me some followers here, that when something of this nature happens I really lose interest in _some_ bloggers who blog the usual "line?" I mean, sometimes when bloggers are truly upset about something it really comes through and you get a strong sense of their pain at the tragic events. Other times, however, I read a blogger's sentiments about an event and for whatever reason it just borders on pointless and rote rather than compelling and meaningful. Will someone else please admit to feeling anything similar, or is it just me?

Who knows--maybe this is just the pregnancy hormones talking. I was reading today that in some South-East Asian cultures they think there is such a thing as "meanness" of pregnancy, i.e. something about pregnancy that literally induces a meanness that likely wasn't there before. I can definitely attest to this, though it has lessened since I entered the second trimester. And, in case I had lunch with you or hung out with you during the first trimester, don't worry: I wasn't feeling mean the whole time, or even many times, but there were definitely a couple of occasions where I really felt a mean anger towards someone. Usually it was a stranger that did something idiotic, and luckily I knew at the time that it was irrational and hormonal, but still-- yet another reason (of 100 gazillion) I am thankful today, since that particular symptom has passed.

OK, long random rant over. I hope you all are safe and warm with those that you love. (And eating something comforting.)

*When is the last time you remember being mean or feeling mean?


  1. I feel the same way. I cringe at the banal rhetoric we all kind of fall into after these things happen. Tragedy itself becomes banal. But obviously, tons of people get comfort from those types of words so I can only conclude that I'm just bad with this kind of thing.

    1. Whew! If no one responded I was going to have to start wondering if I'm a really bad person...
      Maybe, like me, you're just soothed by baked goods rather than by vacuous rhetoric:-)