Friday, April 26, 2013

BBQ and Booze

People! It's almost (f-ing) May! Am I the only one who was totally duped by all the blizzards and snowstorms into thinking that it was still very much winter? It's probably a good thing that I didn't notice it was almost May, since I would've been even more pissed that it was blizzarding last week.

In other news, I accidentally ate brie cheese last night and didn't die! David and I had a good time at our friend's bbq. He made Mark Bittman's veggie burgers and while I didn't take pictures, they were tasty! That brings me to my next point, which is about bbqs in general. I mean barbecues, as in, grills. We do not have a grill, largely because vegetarians don't tend to need a bbq grill in the same way that meat eaters do. I've been thinking about getting one recently though, mostly so we could grill veggies and veggie burgers and maybe even have meat eaters over. So, do you have a grill? For what do you use it?

Since today is Friday I went to bootcamp this morning. Sigh. I'm tired. I had an energy-boosting lunch though, so that's good. I had superfood salad from Whole Foods:

And sweet-chili tofu:

I also tried a new-to-me beverage.

I'm not usually a fan of beverages that say "10 Calories!!!" on the label, since that usually means they have some artificial crap in them. But this is just seltzer water with lime juice and raspberry puree. And it's quite refreshing!

And now, my friends, I'm going to lay on the couch, look up random crap on the internet, read a mediocre book (for book club), and just generally veg out on this lovely Friday afternoon. Tonight we're going to a party in Denver, so me and this baby need some rest beforehand.

*On a related note to that last paragraph, what would going out socially be like for you if you couldn't drink alcohol? Would you look forward to it less, or would you be just as excited or interested in going to parties? What would you drink instead?


  1. In LA, it's sort of normal that you can't really drink when you go out, because you have to drive home. (Unless you live in the tiny fraction of the city that has public transit to places you might actually want to go.) When I go to bars, I often order cranberry juice with sparkling water, because I don't really like soda. I've also seen alcohol free wine before that wasn't too shabby. Sparkling cider is also good. But usually at bars the selection of interesting alcohol free drinks is pretty lame.

    1. Hmmm...that's really interesting. I'd never heard that about LA.

  2. We do have a barbecue and while I really love the idea of barbecuing, we don't do much entertaining so most BBQs we attend happen to be located places other than our own apartment. Thus, our barbecue mostly gets used to grill the random chicken breast that we occasionally have and also to grill pineapple during the summer because there's nothing better than grilled pineapple. I actually don't mind being the DD when we go out (which admittedly isn't that often), but I do get tired MUCH earlier than those that are drinking do and am generally ready to head home before midnight :P