Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday Haps

So it's Thursday and it's not snowing. Wow. So many reasons to be grateful, right? When I woke up this morning this little bird was perched outside my door, so I decided to be positive all day long.

Sadly, David said something that irritated me this morning, so instead I'm going to make today a day where I say things that are positive, but with a sarcastic or bitter tone. Sounds fun, right? Kind of like having a craft project all day long, only less decorative than a knitted sweater or a hand-painted picture frame.

I'm getting ready to go to a class at my gym and, as usual, my Thursday schedule is a bit full and a bit uncertain. I always have my shift at the Humane Society on Thursdays, though I never know exactly what time until late in the morning. Also, there is a lecture in my department this afternoon that I should go to. And finally, David and I have been invited to have a veggie burger bbq at a friend's house this evening, so I figured I better get my blog on before departing for a longish day.

I don't really have much to report, except that David and I are trying out all the new baby stuff that we got at the consignment sale last weekend.

This is David making sure that our baby swing works properly.

So far it's all fun and jokes about how much time baby is going to spend in there so I can watch all my fav TV shows and read novels. I suspect it might be less funny come fall... But really, it's actually quite sweet--the little thing at the top plays soothing sounds and music and rotates little stuffed toys. Who wouldn't want to sleep and/or spend all day in there (quietly).


*Does your partner think it is okay to wear Crocs just because s/he is indoors?


  1. "Who wouldn't want to sleep and/or spend all day in there (quietly)."

    Our kid.

    He was a great baby and to this day really hasn't had an all-out red-faced fit of a meltdown.... But the first four months (six?), if he was awake, he wanted to be held.

    The swing was a no go. I even made a late night trip to Target for a vibrating bouncy chair thing that a couple friends swore by.

    That was a no go.

    We'll keep our fingers crossed for you!

    1. Whew--that sounds exhausting! Maybe we should skip all the fancy seats and swings and just buy a lot of duct tape since in that case I'm going to need David to duct-tape the baby to me...