Thursday, April 4, 2013


I crammed in a boatload of nutrient-filled veggies yesterday, people. I'm pretty impressed with myself, mainly because ever since returning from San Francisco and experiencing a mediocre apple fritter, I've been tempted to do a mini-donut tour and find a better fritter here in Boulder. Instead of seeking out lumps of fatty dough, however, I ate a lot of green and red and orange stuff. And I'm not talking about the Kool-Aid my grandma used to make either. (BTW, did you grandmother do stuff like put pats of butter on her mashed potatoes? I don't mean in the potatoes--everyone's grandma did/does that--but on top of the potatoes as well, like once they're on the plate and ready to eat?) (Guess that's why she liked wearing voluminous moo-moo like shirt/dresses too.)

Um, anyway. Vegetables. Yesterday's lunch was at Whole Foods, again. Right now I'm still having a hard time eating some foods, so I'm _still_ indulging in my Whole Foods lunch habit. Post-baby we are not going to be able to afford that luxury, so I guess I'm soaking it up while it lasts?


Who knows why I've been wanting this lately, as I usually find salads unsatisfying. This one had some channa masala and butternut squash on the side, as well as kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, and garbanzo beans. I inhaled it.

After lunch I lounged around for a long time watching Teen Mom 2. Now that I'm knocked up I can't even imagine how terrifying it must be to be a teen mom.

Speaking of mom stuff, I went to Target in the afternoon and bought two baby outfits! I'm trying to get more happy happy happy about baby, and this kind of did it:

After my shopping outing, I met David at our friend Adam's house for dinner. He made us a North African stew with some tahini-lemon chard.

It was tasty--even more so because Adam knows how to use spices correctly and he also cooks quite healthful foods.

Rounded out by a few bites from David's bowl of strawberry greek frozen yogurt:

All in all, a very good day of healthy eats, right? Too bad I'll probably use it as an excuse to eat leftover Easter candy when I see my family this weekend:-)

*Do you have any leftover Easter candy (that you could send me)? Holiday candy is just better than the same candy eaten the day after a holiday, right? I know the special wrappers don't change the candy, but's just better!


  1. Some parents shamelessly exploit that their children are helpless. Evidence here:

    But I know you won't be like that. You've basically already succeeded as a mother.

    1. Oh my that is disgusting. I seriously grimaced when I saw that. Our baby won't be wearing any stupid headbands and the all-pink wardrobe will most definitely not be happening. The depressing thing about girl baby clothes, however, is that many of them just have sayings about how pretty the wearer is...blech

  2. This one is pretty classy too: