Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Last Snow Storm?

(Fingers crossed.)

Yes, we got more snow yesterday and today. Probably a foot, actually. By now you can guess how I feel about that. The storms keep coming on Monday-Tuesday too, which is bad for me since Tuesday is the only day when David is on campus from 11-8 p.m. This means that either I go with him and stay in town for the entire day, which is exhausting when you're pregnant and have nowhere to go and take a nap, or it means that I take the one car we have that is good in the snow, go to the gym early, get home before David leaves, and spend the rest of the day inside. I've done this for the last four Tuesdays, and it is getting old, people. Nobody likes to be snowed in repeatedly, am I right? Especially in late April, when I should be breaking out my spring and summer dresses.

OK, snow storm rant over. Hopefully this will be the last we all hear of snow. Well, excepting the photos below, which I took when I went to gym early this morning. The roads in town were terrible, I'm guessing because the city and state are literally running out of money to plow since it just keeps snowing.

The only "people" who didn't seem affected by the poor road conditions and late-season snow were these guys:

While that might look like a llama, it's really a deer hanging out with some of its deer friends.

To celebrate another snow day, I cleaned the house. Womp womp. When I clean the house I usually think about my grandmothers and their grandmothers, who cleaned the house, did all the cooking and laundry, and raised like seven kids. WTF??!! Why anyone would want to get married and have kids aroundabouts that time mystifies me. Even more so if you consider that when my great-grandmother was growing up a fair bit of people didn't have indoor plumbing and certainly didn't have the luxury of a washing machine to do all their laundry. I mean, it's not that they didn't own a washing machine, but rather, they hadn't been invented yet.

*What's something that your grandmother or great-grandmother had to do or deal with that impresses you?


  1. It must have been terrible for grandmothers to have to cook for the whole family all the time before they had supermarkets with all sorts of food flown in from everywhere. They probably had to eat the same stuff almost all the time. Not fun to cook for seven kids, who make long faces and say "potato soup again?"
    Maybe kids weren't so picky about food back then, but that's kind of hard to imagine.

    1. Another reason why I suspect I would've preferred to stay single had I been born back then...