Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dinner Returns

Do you ever borrow your partner/bf/gf/husband/wife/bff's car? David's car has all-wheel drive, so you can bet that if it's snowing I'm driving his car instead of my busted out Honda Accord. OK, my car isn't really "busted out." It's actually the nicest car I've ever owned, and the most reliable, largely because even though it's from, like, 2000, it used to be my mom's car.

Ahem. Anyway. This morning it was, as I mentioned yesterday, snowing. Thankfully the forecasters overestimated the total snowfall, but still it was wet and slushy out there this morning and I took David's car to the gym and to run an errand. This never happens when I drive David's car:

A tank above half full? WTF? Maybe Jesus really did come back on Easter?!! What a nice treat to _not_ have to stop by the gas station on a snowy day. (Maybe these pregnancy hormones are making me into more of a positive thinker?)

This was the scene in downtown Boulder:

Guess I won't be wearing my flip flops just yet.

Something I did get treated to recently? The smell of something actually cooking in my house! (More proof RE: Jesus' second coming.) I haven't cooked a "real" dinner in literally two and a half months; the  morning sickness just made it too difficult to determine what I'd be OK with eating ahead of time, and in the moment I always got lazy and tired and ate soup or something for dinner.

But...not today! Today I mangled together some beans, tomatoes, and spices for some chili.

The jury is still out on this little pot of fiber since it's still simmering away on the stove. (That's to let all the flavors combine; I'm so Emeril today!) In the meantime, I had to eat some of these/this:

But all I want is a comforting bowl of chili... I know it will taste better if I wait, but...

*Have you put on your flip flops yet? (If yes, F-you!)

P.S. Today Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream is celebrating thirty-five years in business and you can get a free scoop at any of their scoop shops. Please take advantage of this in my stead since it's like, all woolly mammoths and ice age up in here.


  1. No flip-flops yet, but I did wear some open-toed shoes and and a sundress this weekend. It was so warm I was sweating biking to school on Monday. I am probably going to have your weather soon though as it moves across the country. We are predicted to have hail tonight.
    Also, should I tried NuttZo? I normally just eat almond or peanut butter but I sometimes get bored of them.

    1. I think you should try Nuttzo, though: 1) it is expensive (like $10/jar), and 2) I don't necessarily think it will change your life and make you give up all other nut butters. I like that it has big nut chunks--especially hazelnut chunks. It also has a flavor that is unique and slightly different from just peanut or almond butter.

    2. Oh, okay nope. Pretty allergic to hazelnuts.