Monday, April 8, 2013

Mother Nature is a Mischievous Turkey

Oh God it is going to snow again here tonight. Up to eight inches overnight and then 10-20 inches all day tomorrow. Someone please send help. I.can't.take.this.anymore. I got ingredients for chili and luckily I have plenty of work to do to keep me busy tomorrow. Did you all know that I'm defending my dissertation on Wednesday? Heh. I've barely noticed I've been so out of it, which is, I'm sure, the perfect attitude for a verbal examination that could negate six years of extremely hard work.

In other news, I am still experiencing periods of nausea. The all-day nausea is gone, thank goodness, though I still have periods of up to five hours per day where I feel nauseated.

Luckily I spent some really nice quality time with all of my nieces this weekend. On Saturday I actually babysat my niece Ella for two hours all by myself!!!

This is a big deal, since she's barely one year old and still in diapers. I don't have much experience changing diapers, and I can't say that it's not just as disgusting as everyone says.

I also got to see my niece Riley play in a soccer game on Saturday. That basically consisted of me watching a handful of little girls stumble into one another. It was just as fun as it sounds:-)

After the soccer game, in an effort to spend quality time with my mom, I agree to go with her to Kohl's. Let me just reiterate that I hatehatehate shopping. I did find some entertainment, however, in this new line of jeans from Lee.

And, to clarify, these are not maternity jeans. 

Since I did absolutely no work all weekend, today I hate to buckle down and "do it to it." So, per usual, I motivated myself with a tasty lunch:

Oh and this:

Weird, right? This little vegetarian ate turkey meatloaf for lunch today. Not to worry, PETA-people; I don't imagine that this will become a regular thing, but it does feel less ED-like and more healthy to occasionally, especially while pregnant, eat some chicken or turkey. You won't be seeing any hamburgers or bacon on NCK regardless, though. Those little pigs and cows just seem too friendly for me to nosh on them. (Yes, chickens and turkeys are being punished because they seem less human-like.)

A couple of hours later, while working with David at a coffee shop in town, I also had this little treat:

That's a vegan, gluten-free apple cinnamon bread. See? It's still me, Nikki! I sometimes feel silly ordering gluten-free stuff though. It's kind of like ordering pad thai at a Thai restaurant; you feel a little bit cliché to be ordering it, but sometimes it's just the best thing on the menu, right?

*Are you gluten-free? Do you eat anything gluten-free? What do you _really_ think about people who are gluten-free?


  1. Question: Do you eat fish often? I know I have seen it sometimes on the blog. I am a vegetarian, though I do eat fish a couple times a month (mostly when I go out or make shrimp dishes with my boyfriend).
    And I like my gluten too much (and am too cheap) to buy gluten-free. Mmm, bagels with cream cheese and fresh baked bread with jam. Okay, you can tell I am hungry.

    1. Ordinarily I eat fish only very rarely, and I _never_ eat chicken or turkey. Since getting knocked up, however, I've eaten both more fish and even turkey or chicken a couple of times. I'm actually thinking about not calling myself a vegetarian anymore, not because I plan on eating meat but because I know some vegan/vegetarians who can get pretty riled up if you say you're a vegetarian but, for example, you eat sushi occasionally.
      I'm glad you feel that way about gluten. It's so good. You're going to make me crave a bagel with cream cheese, though:-)
      P.S. How is your school semester going? Are you taking any fun classes?

    2. Yeah, I sort of dislike the whole "labeling" system/ stringent criteria that some people latch onto for vegetarian/vegan. Seems a bit ED. It is just food and no one should get in fights about it, except if it is over favorite ice cream flavors because I am highly opinionated about that!

      Semester is good. Glad it is almost over though. Some of the classes are not taught very well, and I am really looking forward to doing research this summer. Though Human Organ Systems is pretty cool. We are learning about the kidneys and GI right now. We got to see some great video from INSIDE the GI tract while food was being digested. Yeah, a bit disgusting but so interesting.

    3. That sounds really disgusting / totally awesome! If only I could've calculated moles with more ease I might've done pre-med and maybe medicine. Too bad I have trouble with just fractions and multiplication...

  2. Good luck for your defense tomorrow! I am coming to Boulder tomorrow night. We should hang out!
    (Also, I like the idea of these pull up jeans. I have a pair of black jeggings like that. They are awesome, because they are comfortable, and I can wear my sweaterdress over it without there being a weird bump where the button is.)

    1. Thank you!! I think some green tea or a small bit of coffee is going to be in order beforehand, else I'm not sure I'll be able to answer the easy intro question, i.e., so why did you choose this topic? Heh.
      But yes on hanging out! What day/time sounds good? Let me know and I'll check with David too; we should finagle a double dinner date so we can see Brian too!