Friday, June 8, 2012

My Girl Friday

Am I alone in thinking that pasta isn't all that fantastic? I mean, I get why mac and cheese is popular. Cream + cheese = no brainer. But a pile of noodles with anything other than cheesy fatty goodness = no so much. 

This is my preface to saying that the pasta dinner I made last night was pretty good, but I'd still take crusty bread + cheese (i.e. pizza) over pasta any day. 

I started with some diced veggies, which included a coupla carrots and zucchini:

Next, I proceeded to work my magic by adding a few carefully selected ingredients that would make it seem like I knew how to cook. These included Field Roast Seitan "sausages" and more of that yummy Red Pepper Pesto that I had from lunch. 

Added to some parmesan cheese and whole wheat spaghetti, I'd say the meal was a success!

Though my favorite part might have been the beer--Belgo India Pale Ale by New Belgium.
Oh, and I almost forgot--I also "made" a salad with sliced strawberries and toasted almond slivers.

I actually shaped these almonds into a heart shape. Please leave a comment. 
In other news, while I was walking on "The Hill" here in Boulder yesterday a car full of students drove by me and yelled "Hi, Mom." 

I mean, seriously? Like thirty one isn't hard enough? Granted, I was wearing khaki skirt, and those do seem to be popular with older women who don't want their vaginas hanging out of their freaking shorts. But, still. 

*Are you old? Is someone you know and love becoming old?

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