Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Yah, I got BodyPumped today. For those of you who aren't exercise addicts, that means that I went to a Body Pump class at my gym. Body Pump, or YPump, is a weight-lifting group fitness class that works every major muscle group until you feel like the pain would be less if you just amputated said muscle group. Okay, it's not really that hard, but I usually feel like a badass when I'm doing it.

In other breaking news, I've discovered something really yummy to replace my usual breakkie--i.e. some kind of carb and peanut butter. It's a whole wheat English muffin with olive oil and sea salt. It's soooo good, and just the change of pace I've been needing. But seriously, does this mean that I've tasted the Boulder Kool-Aid??!! Three years ago I wouldn't have cared how many "good" fats were in olive oil--there was no way I'd be adding gratuitous calories to my breakfast. (I also avoided Emergen-C fizzy water because it had a mind blowing FIVE calories.) And now look at me--I'm just pouring on the olive oil while I think about how good it is for my body.

But seriously, yum:

Please excuse the sad dinnerware. When I feel like it I'll buy newer, prettier dishes.

And just because I neeeeeed peanut butter everyday:

Lunch after Body Pump:

Just to be clear, I hate half of the sandwich at lunch and half at dinner. Lunch also included a few bites of yummy muffin top, and dinner also included some...noochy dino kale!!!

But the best thing that happened to me today: 

I just got some new mountain wheels to ride fast around our new mountain casa!!

*Do you have moving boxes in the entryway of your house? No? Just us? Hmmmm...

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