Thursday, June 21, 2012

Girly Girl

Though these days I tend to spend most of my time in my workout gear, I have done two girly things the last two days.

Yesterday, I did this:

Okay, I didn't do it myself--but that's the point! I got a pedicure!!! I haven't had a pedicure in about seven years, and yesterday on a whim I just decided that it was time for one. (My Mom seemed relieved when I told her; she's always concerned that my toes and feet are suffering from my lax Boulder hippie attitude. Well, that and my unwaxed eyebrows.)

Pedicures are strange things. I mean, you pay someone to massage and buff your feet, all the while not really speaking to them and instead reading a trashy celebrity magazine. Except me. I accidentally dropped the trashy magazine into the soapy foot water. Oops. And I declined her very nice offer to use a razor on my foot calluses. Yikes!

I wasn't super excited with how orange the nail polish came out, but at least this time the nail technician didn't say "Oh, no, that's a grandma color." (I'll tell the rest of my prom story some other time.)

On a more yummy and girly note, David and I went for a wedding cake tasting today--hooray! Cake is, after all, part of the reason we decided to have any kind of wedding.

This is David being condescending about how cake has so much sugar and that's gross and all. I'm like freaking out because the cake hasn't been put in front of me yet. Where.Is.My.Sugar?!!


Raspberry Butter Cake, Cookies and Cream Cake, and Carrot Cake.

I guess I'm not sooooo lady-like after all, because this is the plate afterwards:

You can barely tell which side is up, and that's how I felt after working my magic on all those sugar cupcake balls.

But, it was good while it lasted, and I know which cake I'm looking forward to (over)eating on our wedding night...

*Any guesses on which two flavors we chose? Have you ever considered pretending to be engaged just so you could go to a wedding cake tasting?


  1. I don't know what you guys chose, but I would have chosen the Raspberry Butter Cake and Cookies and Cream Cake. I really don't like cream cheese frosting.

    I have never pretended to be engaged, but I have pretended to be in a relationship with one of my friends in order to get free chocolate cake on our "anniversary."

  2. We chose the Cookies and Cream and the Carrot Cake--since David and I aren't huge fans of frosting we pick off a lot of the frosting anyway:-)
    P.S. Free cake--especially for a real or imaginary special occasion--tastes so much better than cake you've bought!

  3. I'm glad your cake tasting went well. Brian and I also did some cake tasting over spring break. I am making the wedding cake, but I wanted a backup plan in case something prevents me from baking. We went to a very fancy bakery in Pasadena, because I thought that would increase the chance that I would like their cake. I wasn't too impressed, and according to Brian, that was way too obvious. I found all their flavors too sweet and artificial tasting.
    I then proceeded to ask the lady, whom I had already sort of insulted by harshly judging her cake, about the ingredients they use, and that was a revelation. She explained to me in detail which products they have to use to make their cakes heat-stable, because people want to display their cakes for hours at room temperature. Which a "normal" cake of course wouldn't survive. They put all sorts of stabilizers, and kind of a powdered version of cool whip in their frosting to make sure the cake doesn't melt in the heat.
    After she explained that, I finally understood why cake from the store never tastes like homemade. They don't even use vaguely the same ingredients. So home-baking it is for me. I don't care nearly as much about the looks of the cake, or displaying it, as I care about the taste. I guess I am a big cake snob. But that's okay with me.

  4. Ugghh--that is so depressing to hear about the cake maker! I can only imagine that people go in to that business because they love making cakes, so to end up making things that look like rather than taste like cake seems really sad!
    Taste > Appearance, even for wedding cakes!!! (I think a lot of cake makers don't realize this, as I've heard several people say that wedding cakes are made to look good with taste being a secondary concern.)
    You should definitely make your own cake!!! (Only if you promise to put pictures on FB so I can drool from CO!)