Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It's time I made a confession. I'm in a slump. A work slump. My objective right now is to write the introduction to my dissertation. After writing all the body chapters, you'd think that's a small task, but nooooooo--I'm dragging my feet so badly that everyday that goes by with little progress means my confidence dips another notch. And let me tell you, it is hard to write an academic dissertation without the requisite amount of confidence.

The problem is two fold:

1) It is summer. I've commiserated with my adviser about this before, but there is just something about having all the free time in the world that makes getting anything done impossible. Like, seriously, my brain just feels fatigued when I sit in front of my computer for work, and this Colorado heat isn't helping.

2) I'm afraid I've become lazy. Three years ago, when I was deep in my ED and obsessive about everything, I was reading and writing and working all.the.time. I was literally like a machine, and the idea of wasting a weekday night doing something besides working was unheard of. Now, a gun to my head couldn't persuade me to work past five o'clock. (As if I've been working since nine a.m.?!! Yah right!)

Yesterday I tried to boost myself up by getting some research done at the library. So today's daily slump session consisted of me sleepily flipping through these:

It doesn't help that I've become accustomed to sleeping 8.5 hours a night and this morning I woke up too early.
(Note: What I now call "too early" used to be my regular wake up time. See no. 2 above.)
While thinking about this lovely little item that I impulse bought at Alfalfa's yesterday:

Yup--that would be So Delicious Almond Milk Ice Cream. From the same peeps who bring you that Coconut Milk Ice Cream. Only this isn't made out of coconut milk and therefore doesn't have half of your daily allotment of saturated fat. Am I the only ex-anorexic who finds that troubling about coconut milk ice cream? Yah, yah, good fat yadayada--but this Almond Milk Ice Cream is delicious and it has less sugar and fat that coconut milk ice cream. (If you're asking why I don't just eat regular ice cream then you've mistaken this blog for one written by a sane person.) And it has real cherries--just like Cherry Garcia!!! It's like cherries + almond extract + vanilla ice cream...yummmm...

*What is your work ethic like? Does it vary, i.e. do you go through "lazy" versus "active" phases?

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