Friday, June 22, 2012

Pizza + Kale = Does a Body Good

Why is it that during some weeks you end up spending almost every night of the week doing absolutely nothing, while during others you're busy every.single.night?

And, um, is it just me, or does extreme heat make you feel like a fat, worthless human being? Just me? Hmmm...might be time to duck back in to therapy... :-)

So last night we went out to dinner with our neighbors and our architect and his wife. We went to Pizzeria Locale, which is a fancy schmancy and relatively new pizza place here in Boulder. For a community of people who are afraid of gluten and animal products, Boulder sure has had a big crop up of pizza places in the last few years.

Here is a picture David took last night when I realized that I hadn't taken any pictures of dinner. Boo.

Two things of note occurred last night. The first is that I managed not to eat my entire pizza. Pizzeria Locale serves single-size pizzas that are just slightly too big to be for a single Nikki-size person. But I've still gone at it every time we've been there in the past. But not last night! Mwhahahaha! 

To compensate, I ate two cups of Puffins with peanut butter when I got home.

The second is that I tried an anchovy!!! It was on some kind of hummus-y bruschetta and I decided to give it a whirl in the name of Omega-3s. Unfortunately, the little baby fishes weren't diced up or pureed, but rather, just sitting on a previously yummy piece of hummus toast in all their shiny, slimy, and yes--hairy glory. I tried three bites but after that my gag reflex kicked in. I'm going to assume that my gag reflex was subtly letting me know that my Omega-3 levels are just fine sans anchovies.

Today, I went to my usual Fit Camp class, after which I went to Whole Foods to do a little work and enjoy some summer fruit:


And yes, that is kale in the background. I've been thinking recently about why I enjoy eating kale so much these days, and I think it's really some kind of displaced urge to eat an entire cake. I'm serious. When I eat kale, it's satisfying because it now tastes really good to me, but it's also satisfying because I know that it is good for me and I know that I can eat it all day and still (miraculously!) not plump up. It's the same type of satisfaction that I used to get when I would eat 654 pieces of Nutella toast before purging--only with kale I'm not anxious and sad and instead I feel like I'm literally eating vitamins.

*What about you? How does eating healthy food make you feel?

More fun stuff tonight--we have three friends coming over for dinner, so David is making Spicy Seitan Burritos again and I made Banana Almond Bread.

Please tell me that your laptop is in or just outside of all of your photos too!??

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