Monday, June 4, 2012

Death by Vegetarianism

So, since we've gotten Haruki from the shelter we've been feeding her a Salmon meal dry dog food, often mixed with pumpkin, peas, sweet potato, veggie stock, etc., etc. We've also been running with her a lot, and noticed today that she is looking downright gaunt. Eeeeps! The bf was worried that we should take her to the vet, but by chance I had picked up two new things at the pet store: raw beef bones--like, literally, freaking cow marrow--and wet dog food made from chicken. And, umm, our dog is no longer pescatarian! She also ate more and faster than we've ever seen her eat!

To clarify: we never intended to make her any kind of -atarian, but rather, bought a dog food with salmon because we thought it would decrease her shedding and improve her fur coat.

Regardless of our intentions, it's clear that Ruki likes her meat and won't be a vege- or pesca-tarian anytime soon.

I don't feel ethically bound to make Ruki be a vegetarian, but I do think those raw bones are nasty.
In other news, I am feeling better today, though still feeling a pretty consistent sense of queasiness. I did manage to eat something for lunch, which was sesame kale salad and a whole wheat english muffin with Earth Balance. When you don't eat Earth Balance or butter or margarine regularly, it tastes pretty fantastic. 

I also picked up a new treat while I was at Whole Foods. I was hesitant to buy it because it's pretty high in sugar, but this Boulder heat wave persuaded me that I need something frozen and sweet in my freezer:

 Yum. Yum. Yum.

And, as a "treat" for you all, here's a couple of shots of the sky from our deck last

*What do you feed your dog? Do you think that my nearly starving my new dog to death is a harbinger of bad things to come if the bf and I have kids?

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