Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Berfday Dinna

Yesterday was David's forty-second birthday. To celebrate, I treated him slightly nicer than I usually do.

Also, we went out to dinner in Denver with David's parents, Bob and Carolyn. We headed to The Kitchen Denver, which is the new sister restaurant of the original The Kitchen restaurant here in Boulder.

On the way, I sweated off whatever balls I have, because it was 100 degrees yesterday and the air conditioning in David's car is broken.

Luckily I wore a skirt, so I was able to better facilitate "air flow," if you know what I mean.

Most people I know really prefer Denver to Boulder or vice versa. Here are my thoughts:

Umm, yah--Boulder = the best, though it is very fun and nice to drive into Denver and feel a little bit less like a hippy for a change. 

For dinner, I had a relatively lame pasta dish. Here are some of my thoughts on that:

1) Restaurants that are deemed "good" ought to have more than a few pasta dishes and a lame quinoa/asparagus dish to appease their vegetarian patrons.

2) I don't even like pasta. Even when it's good it's still just pasta, which is never as good as a really satisfying (veggie) burger.

3) Why is it that veggie pasta dishes never include a sufficient amount of veggies? Seriously--one freaking stalk of asparagus? Sure, it looks like more because you cut it up into tiny fancy slanted pieces, but I'm a freaking veggie aficionado, I've literally eaten an entire bunch of asparagus by.myself., and I can tell when I'm eating a single stalk cut up into a ten little baby pieces.

As if that wasn't bad enough, we got a free dessert and it was mediocre too.

Lemony and buttery, but nothing better than I used to make when I wasn't afraid of butter, eggs, and sugar.
Here's me trying to avoid being in the picture.

Two things are of note here: 1) David definitely didn't get the message that I did not want to be in the photo, and 2) I don't think I'm particularly photogenic, so this whole blog thing has been somewhat difficult in the sense that I don't love most pictures of myself. But, blogging is about sharing, right? So maybe putting crap pictures of me online will make someone else feel less ugly:-)

*Do I make you feel less ugly? Are you a pasta lover or does pasta = "meh" to you?


  1. I completely agree that good restaurant are often lame on the vegetarian options. And I usually don't want to order pasta at a fancy restaurant because it seems like such a waste of money. Most pasta dishes are incredibly cheap and easy to make, and I don't see how it's justified to charge $20 for a pasta just because that's the pricing scheme that makes the pasta dishes fit in with the other entrees. (There are maybe exceptions when the pasta is handmade and special or something.)

  2. They should definitely just "get real" and charge $8 for a pasta dish--that price could probably include at least two spears of asparagus:-)