Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cemeteries of Sunshine

That's right, peeps. This evening me, the bf, and Haruki took a walk down to the Sunshine cemetery.

And yes, the bf is bald. And his name is David.

I never expected that I would end up with a bald man, but what can I say? I'm a sucker for someone who makes me laugh. As I was taking the picture above, David said, "Are you a Blood or a Crypt," to which I replied, "A Blood." David said, "Too bad, because I'm definitely a Crypt."

Who says that?!!

At the cemetery, we visited my favorite graves. Am I alone in thinking that cemeteries are often really beautiful and peaceful spots? They really put me in a good mood. Good in the sense that I regain some perspective--i.e. realize that it doesn't matter if people at the gym can see my cellulite through my workout pants.

We saw my favorite graves:

I love the baby lamb on top. This is a grave for two young boys and that lamb just seems like the saddest sweetest thing ever.

This reads, "Together Again and Forever." Sigh.
And Haruki visited her new favorite grave:

It was a really beautiful evening walk. 

*No graves were desecrated in the making of this post.


  1. Among the big advantages of dating bald men:
    a) they are sexy
    b) they don't leave hair in the bathroom
    c) no one, including you and them, needs to wonder whether they will go bald as they age
    d) more shelf space in the shower for your stuff

  2. These are all good points, Julia. I especially agree with: a and c. Unfortunately David is a bit of a diva, so he does take up some space in the shower caddy...