Thursday, June 28, 2012

Family Fun Day

Today has been a fun-filled day! In the a.m. I read the news, drank my coffee, and even fit in some work time!!! Afterwards I hit the gym for a 50 minute slooooooow run. My legs were tired from Body Pump and a bike ride yesterday, so I just needed to shake them out and stretch them.

On my way home from the gym I hit up Whole Foods for some foods that I never buy: popcorn chicken with bbq sauce, Whole Foods "Lunchables" that included cheese, turkey, and butter crackers, and Vitamin Water. Why? Because today we had visitors!!! Little itty bitty ones, to be precise!

These are my nieces, Morgan (on the left) and Riley! Ta-da! They are just the kind of girls that wear neon dresses for everyday occasions! Although today was no ordinary occasion, because not only was this their first visit to our new house, but we made cookies! These cookies, to be precise:

Only we doctored them a bit by subtracting walnuts (didn't have any), subbing olive oil for canola oil, using honey instead of sugar, and subbing brown rice flour for regular flour. (I swear I love gluten--I was just too lazy to find the regular flour and the brown rice flour was easily located and tempting me.)

Here's an action shot of Morgan and Riley spooning batter onto the cookie sheet.

*Note 1: Kids like to lick their spoons and then just dip them back in the bowl like it's nothing. Like playing games with germs is FUN!!

*Note 2: They should give all Type-A peeps like me a prescription for Ativan before allowing us to procreate.  See note 1.

The cookies were a cross between oatmeal cookies and banana bread, and luckily they had just the right amount of chocolate chips to make the girls love them! Yay!

After the girls left around five I got showered up--really, who showers for the first time all day at five p.m.?!!! I barely recognize myself anymore!!--and made myself dinner. Ha! I "made" a toasted English muffin with olive oil and salt and pepper, along with a side of tofu that I had leftover from Whole Foods.

Balsamic Roasted Tofu
I am really close to not fearing olive oil. (As I noted yesterday, coconut oil and milk is going to take a lot longer.)
Who is going to cook for and feed my kids if I have them??!!

*If you are a parent, do you teach your children about germs? If you're not a parent, is it because you are a little uneasy (like me) about the prospect of always being touched and grabbed and tugged by someone who's hands are always a little sticky, dirty, and/or germy?


  1. Don't the germs die in the oven? Also, if you just make food for you and the husband, do you seriously take a new spoon every time you taste the food? I constantly taste while I cook, and when I am just cooking for me and Brian, I don't worry about the double dipping.
    But I agree with kids being always a bit icky. They just can't be trusted to know when to wash their hands or brush their teeth or whatever, and so are always potentially a little gross. But I don't fear germs, just dirt. But I also wash dishes only with rubber gloves on...

  2. I definitely don't get a new spoon when cooking for just me and David, though having seen my nieces wash their hands I'm not convinced that we share the same definition of clean...