Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Since yesterday's post about my experience at the gym garnered soooo many responses (thanks!), I thought I'd follow it up with another breaking-news feature on gymwear.

Along with impossibly fit and possibly anorexic women, Boulder also happens to be home to people who wear the shit out of their gym clothes. By that I mean that we tend to wear them everywhere, all the time, and we spend ridiculously amounts of money doing so.

Example #1: The following is the web site for the Lululemon Boulder Store, http://www.lululemon.com/boulder/boulder.

Because I am trying not to be a catty bitch, all I will say about this photo is that it sets a high standard for workout gear in Boulder. (A high and very bright standard.)

Example #2: If you type "Boulder" and "lycra" into Google, you will find the following web site (no. 2 on Google):


which describes Boulder as "The Land of Beer, Sunshine, and Lycra." Seeing this

I have done this. At least I had the good sense to be embarrassed.

is an everyday occurrence.

Now enter me: reasonably fit cyclist/runner/bodypumper who only recently swapped a pair of Nike running shorts for some fancy yoga capris so that all the peeps in my fitness classes don't have to see my bikini line when I do mountain climbers.

This is what I wore to the gym today:

Not only is my shirt cotton, but it is a free shirt that I got from riding the Buffalo Bike Classic bike ride two years ago. AND it's too big. Unlike those fit girls at Lululemon, I could fit a whole tube of Bodyglide lube in my top and nobody would be the wiser.

So what gives? Is working out supposed to look good these days, or is it okay to go to the gym in your crap clothes since--let's face it--nobody feels their sexiest when their legs are quivering mid-squat and all you can think about is if there is a sweat stain on your fancy Lululemon bottom.

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  1. I can't deny that Lululemon pants look good. But if I can choose between spending lots of money on pants that I get to wear in real life, and pants that I only wear at the gym, I choose the former. I just find it funny that these pants are made for yoga, which is all about finding yourself and inner balance and shit. But maybe $100 pants make it easier to find oneself, just gotta look out for that nicely wrapped butt...