Monday, June 18, 2012

Boiler Room

Summer has definitely arrived here in Boulder--100 degrees today!!! That's a record, peeps!

It's so hot that Haruki wants to sleep on the cold floor rather than her special (overpriced) dog bed:

We didn't choose her because she matches our hardwood floors, but it's a definite plus!
As far as I'm concerned, this kind of heat makes certain things acceptable that would otherwise make me feel guilty or seem socially inappropriate for this repressed ex-Catholic girl.

These include:

1) Wearing a sundress around the house even though said dress has no liner (and is thus effectually transparent) and is juuuuuust short enough to show off my bizness when I sit down. As far as I can tell, being able to wear things like this around the house is one of the oft-forgotten bonuses of living with your life partner rather than a random roommate. (And also, living alone.)

2) Also, taking a walk by the creek since it is apparently too hot to go inside an air-conditioned coffee shop to work on your dissertation??!!

Boulder Creek is quite the event in the summer months: people sunbathing, playing with their dogs and kids (I know, I know, dogs kids), and floating down the creek in big floaty tubes. It's like a water park, only with polluted water and random homeless people wandering by.

Luckily I had my bikini in my bag so I could join in the fun!


That was a test!!! If you believed that last full sentence then you should stop reading this blog asap--it's not for you. (Maybe you could recommend it to your Mom?)

*What do you wear around the house in the summer months? Do you wish they would change the name "bikini" to something else too? Like maybe...wateroos? Like water + underoos = wateroos?

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