Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Preggo Friend

Happy Wednesday, peeps. Um, is it just my Thursday-Saturday work schedule, or does the first half of the week go by really quickly these days? Also, tomorrow is August. WTF?

I celebrated the last day of July with my usual Bootcamp class and lunch with my friend Andrea. Before lunch, however, I had some time to kill. So I went to a coffee shop to read and recharge. By recharge I mean indulge in a baked good, specifically, zucchini bread.


Lunch was good and now I'm sitting on the couch in a tank top and boxer shorts feeling tired. I'm probably going to take a nap this afternoon, you know--to prepare for my three day excuse of a work week:-)

But I've also been thinking recently about being pregnant and having friends. Having seen my friend Andrea today and my friends Michaela and Adam last night, I've realized how much things are going to change once we have this baby. Even more than that, I realize that things have already changed. I mean, I have friends that have kids. But I also have a strong contingent of friends that don't have kids and for whom having kids is anathema.

Since I used to be a person that didn't really want kids I totally understand the sentiment. However, now that I'm pregnant, when I hang out with those friends I just feel kinda weird. It's definitely me and not them, but I just feel a bit awkward and irrelevant in a strange way, like because I'm pregnant and I'm going this family route I'm not as edgy or interesting as I used to be. And, practically speaking, it is just true that I'm not as edgy or interesting.

Anyway, I'm not complaining exactly, just noting something that I've been sensing recently. I suppose I'll just chalk it up to another thing about pregnancy that is cuckoo and strange. Like, for instance, actually being able to rest stuff on my belly shelf now... heh.

*Do you have any friends with whom having or not having kids has made your friendship slightly "off" or different?


  1. I'm not at the kids stage yet, but I feel that way about being in a serious relationship and hanging out with friends who aren't. I just generally feel like I live a tamer (and more boring) life than they do.

    1. Yah, that makes sense. I guess you'll be ahead of the curve then if you and J-Man (I have no idea why I'm calling him that) decide to have kids.

  2. LOL he is always referring to his cousin as T-Man so I guess that makes him J-Man.