Monday, July 8, 2013

Holiday Weekend

Mine was filled with family, some work, and some food. Sadly, much of the food wasn't that special or even good.

The Fourth of July started off with a hike with David and Haruki. Haruki sneezed a lot, but David and I didn't think too much of it...until about eight-thirty that night, actually. David went to hang with his parents, while I went to have lunch and do a bit of baby shopping with my mom, dad, brother, sister in law Sarah, and nieces Riley and Morgan.

At lunch Riley let me take this beautiful shot of her missing teeth:

And then my mom and I picked out a bunch of baby stuff, including this cute blankie:

I think I've said it before, but I hate hate hate how all the girl infant clothing says stuff about how cute, sweet, or adorable the baby is. This, on the other hand, I can get down with.

After lunch and shopping I went home to make nachos for dinner.

I took this shot of my belly while standing at the oven:

Holy crap, right??! Only twelve more weeks until this bun is ready!

Sadly, after eating our vegan nachos on the deck, where we had hoped to hang out for the rest of the evening, Haruki continued to sneeze and we decided to take her to the emergency vet. Our concern was that she had ingested some of the cheat grass that is abundant around our house. Apparently, if ingested, it can get into the bloodstream and cause problems in the heart and/or lungs. Sigh. to the vet we went, where they actually had to put her under anesthesia in order to get several sharp grass barbs out of her sinuses. Ugh. So, essentially, four hundred dollars went up her nose like she was some kind of coke-addicted hooker. Thankfully we have dog insurance so our only major concern was how stoned she was after surgery--which usually means incontinence--and her general drugged out state for the next three days. She seems to be feeling better now, though.

Otherwise, I spent the weekend at work, taking pictures of kooky cherries

and then having a pancake breakfast with David on Sunday morning.

These pancakes were from a new mix we tried, and they sucked. To make up for it, I went for a treat last night that I'd been craving for awhile:

This carrot cake was good, but not amazing, so I guess I'll just have to get some other treat that tops it next weekend:-)

*What was the highlight of your 4th of July weekend?


  1. Highlights of my 4th were going to an Avett Brother's concert, watching two firework shows (one which the fireworks malfunctioned and 75% of the fireworks went off within 10 sec. It was so bright and loud and really cool!), playing Zoo Tycoon (a game I always wanted as a kid), and not going into lab for 5 days straight.

    Sorry to hear about Haruki but great that she is okay. The worst thing Zorra, my family's dog, can get into is the horse pasture by our house. She comes home a very stinky but happy dog.

    1. Ha--that's funny about the horse pasture. We recently had some horses walking on the road near our house and Haruki promptly dropped and rolled her head and shoulders into it!!