Monday, July 1, 2013


Hap-hap-happy Monday! But more importantly, happy fourth of July week! I think I've mentioned this before, but I really like a special occasion. It makes everything more fun the whole week long, I think. And this is especially true this week because I don't have to work on Thursday. So you all get even more goodness from me this week:-)

Since I haven't been around since I went to work last Thursday, however, I thought I'd give you a photo update on my whereabouts.

Exhibit 1:

I finally broke down and bought something from the bake sale that is held every Friday at my work recently. This is puppy chow, aka Chex Muddy Buddies. My friend from elementary school, Alisha, used to make this all the time and I would literally beg her for more, and then more, and then more. My mom didn't make it and for some reason I didn't just get my bizness together and make it for myself either. Anyhow, this batch wasn't very good. In fact, it didn't taste at all like peanut butter or chocolate, but instead tasted only like powdered sugar. Boo. I ate six or seven "buddies" and then threw the rest away. David is going on a one-day business trip this month, however, so maybe on that day I'll make my own Muddy Buddies, order pizza, and watch an idiotic "girl" movie. Heh.

Speaking of David, here is exhibit 2:

The new packaging for Popsockets. Looks really good, right? In the background you can see the anti-worm medication our vet made us give Haruki since one of us let her eat out the inside of a small deer. (Cough, David.)

Exhibit 3:

This gigante bean salad from Whole Foods is kinda rocking my world. I've promised myself that I will try to make it myself, so perhaps tomorrow or Wednesday will be spent doing that.

Exhibit 4 is the break room at my work, where I first fell in love with that bean salad. This is also where I read while watching the last few minutes of my lunch breaks dwindle down.

And finally, exhibit 5:

I got some Papardelle's pasta and made it up with some spicy spaghetti sauce. Geez. Maybe the reason that I've never liked pasta too much is that I haven't been eating good pasta. This was difficult to stop eating, and since eating it on Saturday night I kinda just want more. And more. Though one thing that I've never liked about eating pasta is that it really sticks around in your stomach kinda heavy-like. Or maybe that's just when you overeat it.

In more general news, things here are pretty good. I'm entering the third trimester of pregnancy, work is going well, and apparently my hormones have calmed enough so that I don't hate David all the time. We also just bought our stroller (a Bob, so that David can take the baby away a lot down the trail we live on...hehe), and in general it's starting to feel quite real that a baby is going to be entering our lives. She kicks my belly a lot, so I'm still ahead of David as far as realizing what's coming.

And with that, peace out friends! I hope you all are having a good Monday. See you tomorrow with more groundbreaking and philosophical insight:-)

*What's the most insightful thing you've thought recently?


  1. I think it's pretty hard to mess up Puppy Chow, so congrats to whoever managed to do that That bean salad looks delicious. Maybe I should tell my sister to pick some up for our weekend BBQ. P.S. I love that part about "not hating David all the time." I will so be like that if I'm ever pregnant.

    1. Careful with the bean salad--it has a fairly high garlic content:-)