Monday, July 29, 2013

Eats, eats, eats

Well it's Monday again. Woot. Heh. I'm sitting on the couch typing this before leaving to take my car in to the repair shop. I'm just getting the oil changed, but I still always get nervous that they will find something else and call me with a $500 bill. Guess I should just buy a 2013 BMW and then I wouldn't have to worry about repairs, huh. Actually, even if I could afford it, I would not buy a 2013 anything, let alone a BMW. I mean, they look super nice, but I'm pretty sure I'd just buy a Subaru Forester. I don't  think I'd like having a car that drew a lot of attention.

Ahem. Anyway. On to the weekend. It went by in a blur for me. Saturday was beaucoup busy at work, and on Sunday I went to yoga and then came home and pretty much zonked out. Speaking of yoga, I actually didn't hate it for the first hour this time! After the first hour, however, I was pretty much ready to leave. Unfortunately the class dragged on so that we could all share more about how we're doing in our pregnancies. Sigh. It ended up being a nearly two hour class. If we were actually exercising, instead of doing what is essentially prenatal yoga stretching I might be okay with that. But two hours of stretching, breathing, and sharing feelings just makes my blood pressure go up. Oh well.

In addition to demonstrating how not-centered and peaceful I am, I also have some food highlights to show you all.

On Thursday I treated myself to a croissant. Yum!

I was also lucky enough to have some homemade waffles, since my neighbor Barb had made some and sent over the batter, whipped cream, strawberries, and a waffle iron.

I may have also done this the next day:

Yah. That's straight up whipped cream.

I balanced it out with some banana oats:

And also with some brussels sprouts, which I cooked yesterday.

Good eats, right? Perhaps not my healthiest weekend, but...that's okay. After the baby's arrival--in approximately nine weeks--I will apparently be faced with the most intense pressure to "get my body back" thanks to people like Kim Kardashian. So...someone get me some pizza, quick!

*No question for today. Just this:

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  1. THOSE KITTENS! Can't resist :) There's definitely a few more treats during the weekend for me too.