Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Shorty

Hey y'all, happy Monday. Sigh. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. As the title indicates this will be a relative short post. I'm just finishing up this freelance project and I'm also exhausted from a poor night of rest last night. I'm not usually affected by the caffeine in chocolate, but for some reason eating chocolate after dinner didn't sit well with me. In addition, it stormed something fierce for the majority of the night. In addition to the noise this makes, the wind upsets Haruki and makes her kinda needy. Anyway, I'm looking forward to shutting my computer and reading before an early bed. I did have a few highlights of my weekend that I want to share first, however.

The first was eating dinner with David on our deck last Thursday or Friday. (I have no idea which.) My first thought when I typed that was "Geez I can't wait until the time when we have dinner on the deck and I can have a beer with dinner." Ha.

I made a spicy broccoli pasta. It was pretty good.

But...not as good as the Papardelle's pasta that I made two weeks ago. I need to get more of that pronto!

I also had a good day at work on Saturday, as evidenced by this:

The puppy is hiding my baby belly. But more importantly is how cute puppies are when they're coming out of anesthesia (for spay/neuter surgery). They stick their tongues out and just generally act stoned. So funny, right?

Food wise I also had a couple of smoothies that were really refreshing.

And yet I'm not going to post a "recipe" for them, since, let's face it, a recipe for a smoothie is generally pretty lame. Sorry if any of you all have done this, but posting a variety of "milk + fruit" is not a recipe. There are exceptions, of course, like using unique fruits or unusual add-ins. But really, unless your smoothie includes mint, some delicious and special homemade simple syrup, or a f-ing durian fruit, then just keep the "recipe" for your own lucky self. OK, rant over.

I also had one smoothie with a homemade banana chocolate chip muffin that my friend Heidi gave me when we went to her thirtieth birthday party on Saturday night.

Yum, right?

I think I need to take advantage of smoothie goodness while it's still warm outside.

*What about you? Have you been drinking lots of smoothies? What is your opinion on blogger smoothie recipes?

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