Monday, July 22, 2013

Onesie Fun

Hi friends. Are you all excited to hear about the birth of the royal baby? Personally I think it's pretty hilarious to see Wolf Blitzer covering the birth on CNN. Like, really, CNN? I think dozens of peeps dying in earthquakes in China _might_ top news that a baby--even if it is a royal baby--was born. It is exciting though, I have to admit. I suspect that even my mediocre level of excitement is really only due to my impending birth. Yup, it's only ten weeks away, and only seven more weeks until baby is "full term."

And despite my wavering levels of excitement/uncertainty throughout my pregnancy, I'm starting to get excited! I want to see what's "in there." I've also starting laying little baby onesies around the house. I walk around, pick them up, and then tell David, "They're so small...giggle, giggle." It's disgusting:-)

Example A:

I really like the brown one on the left.

Aside from staring at onesies, I'm also starting to really get ready for an actual baby. I mean, I'm reading up on crib sheets and mattresses, gliders, and diaper recommendations. Umm, apparently newborns need their diapers changed approximately fifteen times a day? WTF? If giant pandas were that needy as infants their moms would just abandon them. But, yes, I realize that that option is totally not cool for human moms, don't worry.

This weekend I also worked, which was pretty good, and I saw my niece Ella.

David made pancakes on Sunday morning:

And I returned the favor by making nachos and a salad for dinner on Sunday evening:

Now I'm settled on the couch after spending the morning catching up on phone calls, errands, cleaning, etc. I also went to Bootcamp and took David's car to get emissions testing. Fifty bucks says I'll be asleep within thirty minutes of hitting "Publish..."

*Which is your favorite of the onesies above?


  1. Eh, it's really more like 10-ish diapers . . .

    1. That's so much better...heh heh...cough. But less is still less I guess.