Monday, August 5, 2013

Eats and Sights

Hey friends. It's Monday. Again.

Either I'm tired or I'm losing the ability to speak and think, since I can't really think of much to write about. The weekend was pretty good, though uneventful. I kicked it off with some oatmeal, which I've been enjoying a few times a week lately.

This was a berry/banana oatmeal, and I have to say that I think straight up banana is the best. It was lucky that I ate a good breakfast before my shift on Thursday, since I felt like crap for most of the day. My left contact was causing me a lot of pain, and even though one of the veterinary technicians gave me this syringe of saline

I just couldn't get my eye to stop hurting. (Until I got home and threw that contact lens away.) I took a picture just because it was cool that working in an animal shelter/kind of medical facility had a perk that I never would've expected.

In other news, we got a lot of puppies last week, and thus the entire weekend was pretty busy. Lots of these guys went home with new families:

After a long day at work on Friday I came home to eat dinner on the deck with David. Sigh. Not too shabby a view.

And, since I know of at least one reader who wants to see more baby bump, here's how my belly is looking these days:

And yes, I pretty much live all day waiting for the moment when I can get home and put on a tank top and boxer short pajama bottoms. Don't you? Only eight more weeks until I can finally stop thinking about what shirts this belly will fit into!

As for recent pregnant eats, I'm eating a lot of fruit these days. I mean, I've always liked fruit, but for some reason the heat + pregnancy has made me a fruit eating monster. And then sometimes I just eat super random stuff, like cottage cheese, beans, and brown rice tortilla chips.

All while reading blogs, of course:-)

*Is anyone else getting excited for Pinterest holiday season food porn? Heh. No?

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