Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Photo Fly By

Yah, it's been a busy day and I'm just now getting a chance to blog and catch my breath. I spent this morning cleaning and getting ready to have friends over for dinner tonight. Then I went to BodyPump at my gym. Then I went in to work for a few hours, came home and prepped, had friends over, and now here I am.

With my busy day and all I guess it's a good thing I made banana oatmeal for breakfast. I was kinda proud of myself because it tasted pretty good.

On the perimeter you'll see my usual nut butter accompaniments, as well as a leftover iced decaf latte that I didn't finish on Monday.

After my BodyPump class I headed...where else--Whole Foods. I took a few pictures of the little baby tomatoes because they really are bordering on cute.

I thought about just buying a pint of these and eating it with some bread and pesto, but instead I opted for this:

Yes, that's chicken, people. I ate some.

I also ate a really tasty pear that really gave my hands a nice sticky sheen:-)

And now, friends, I'm in bed watching my belly move like that scene from Alien. Being pregnant is so weird.

*Did your hands get sticky today? Care to share why/how? :-)


  1. Look at all those tomatoes! Surely they wouldn't notice if I sampled some, right? When we sat down for dinner last night I asked Joey if he'd get me a fork to which he replied that he decided everything on our plates were finger foods. Fine by me!

    1. I didn't sample them, but I think I should have...
      P.S. Joey sounds sensible.