Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Random Haps

Whew, people! And happy Wednesday! Wednesday isn't really my favorite day anymore since I started working Thursday-Saturday, but since I only work three days out of the week I guess I can't be too bitchy about it:-)

So far today has been pretty packed full of stuff, from Bootcamp first, then shower time, then an appointment at the doctor's office. I have to go every two weeks from here on out--how much does that suck?! But, good news--apparently there is still a baby in there, and apparently she's doing great! (I still want to see it before I 100% believe it.)

After my appointment I headed to Whole Foods to pick up a few things and also to grab lunch. Lunch:

I ate lunch while perusing a book on childbirth. Some of the pictures in the book are quite graphic, so I worried that the people sitting next to me might be disturbed. Um, but I didn't stop reading or anything so I guess I wasn't that concerned or I'm just a bad, lazy person.

After lunch I went to get my hair cut. After my hair cut, I went to meet David and his mom on Pearl Street for a walk. They had lunch at Pizzeria Locale while I was at my haircut, but I figured I could stop by and say hi for a short walk.

After that, I came home, took out the trash, emptied out the fridge a bit, and proceeded to make that Daily Garnish lemon parsley pasta salad.

Zucchini add-in:

Just before refrigerating:

Looking at the pictures makes me want to go eat some. But it's only three thirty. Luckily I have this piece of sweet potato zucchini bread that I picked up on Pearl Street while I waited to meet David and his mom.

It has a lot of cinnamon and nutmeg in it, which is a tiny little reminder that summer is almost over and soon it will be time for fall foods and drinks. I typically don't love the arrival of fall, just because I know that winter comes after it. But this fall is looking like it will be pretty special, so I'm kinda excited anyway.

And now, I'm going to sign off, read some blogs, and maybe take a nap before demolishing some of that pasta. David and I are thinking about watching a movie tonight--any recommendations?

*Are you looking forward to this fall?


  1. I know it's still July and August is still very much summertime but I've found myself having an occasional fall craving lately. I feel somewhat guilty for feeling excited that it's coming because yeah, winter comes after and that is a horrible time of year, but I can't help it!

    1. Kabocha squash, football season, and the promise of lots of foods with nutmeg and cinnamon--I'd say it's okay to be excited for all that. I'm just going to block out the part that comes after fall...

  2. I am looking forward to somethings about fall.
    Pros: Crisp, cool weather with beautiful changing leaves, pumpkin everything (and other tasty fall treats), Halloween, a Nine Inch Nails concert.
    Cons: Back to school (Im working in a lab right now and prefer it to medical school classes), no more fresh blueberries, peaches, and cherries, no swimming outdoors.