Tuesday, July 9, 2013

OK, I Give Already

The heat, people. The heat is finally starting to get to me. It is making my feet and hands swell. It is making me feel more tired. And it's making it more difficult for me to feel comfortable--whether I'm out running errands or laying around the house thinking about how hot it is. I think I see a smoothie in my future for dinner.

I had a meeting for the freelance job I'm doing today and my boss mentioned that she has a friend who lives in Arizona. Apparently, it actually does get up to like 120 degrees right about now. And it's literally 110 degrees at seven or eight p.m. Like, seriously? How do people take their dogs for walks? How do they get to their cars from inside their air-conditioned homes?

It was even hot when I took Haruki out for her morning walk at seven-thirty a.m. By the time I left for my Body Pump class at ten-thirty it was really scorching. On that note, I wore a more form-fitting shirt to class today and suddenly people started congratulating me on being pregnant. Ha! I guess a baggy t-shirt has really been misleading and/or making people too frightened to ask if I'm pregnant or when I'm due. Put me in a snug baby-t these days, though, and there is no hiding this little fetus. Surprisingly, people really want to know the baby's name. Does anyone else think that's interesting? I just don't get it. Why would it matter to me, or interest me at all, what some chick at the YMCA is going to name her baby? Maybe they are hoping that I'll do something interesting and name the baby "fish stick." That's what one of my co-workers from the Humane Society suggested. (Thanks a lot.)

After Body Pump I grabbed a quick lunch at...yes, you guessed it, Whole Foods. Hey--it's right next to my gym and I only had half an hour before my freelance job meeting. So, hot bar it was.

Of course I took these pictures after eating half of it. I swear there was a boatload of spinach underneath that tomato and artichoke salad.

And with that, I'm off to vegetate more fully before doing some work later this evening. Hope you peeps are staying cool, yo:-)

*Did the end of the post make you think of frozen yogurt? Does anyone want to deliver some Popsicles to my house tonight?

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