Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Heat

So I saw the movie _The Heat_ today, friends, and let me tell you: don't do it. It's not that funny. In fact, either my mean hormones are skyrocketing or that movie was just plain meh. I wanted to like it, mostly because I like Melissa McCarthy. But I really only laughed about three times. The rest of the jokes were completely predictable.

On second thought, I guess my lackluster attitude towards the movie could be due to the lunch I ate during the movie.

Yah. Definitely not the most satisfying, but it was also the most nutritious I could find at Jamba Juice, which is where I found myself after taking a Pure Barre class this morning.

You might recall that I took a Pure Barre class six months or so ago, and generally thought it was okay but not worth all the hype. The class I took today was similar in that I think I worked a few key areas but in general I don't think going to Barre classes everyday is a sufficient way to get all-around fitness. I will admit, however, that the class was more difficult now that I'm pregnant; also, being surrounded in a mirror-filled room with a bunch of women who weigh ninety pounds and are wearing leggings wasn't the biggest boost I've gotten for my pregnancy body confidence levels. Oh well--it happens, pregnant or not, right?

Once I got home from the movies I had some kind of cooking/baking spree, and I made banana bread and that lemon parsley pasta from Daily Garnish again. The pasta is chilling in the fridge right now and I'm kind of excited because David is going out to dinner with a friend and thus I have the entire evening to myself...yay! I already promised not to eat all the pasta and banana bread, but I still expect the nice quiet evening will be just what the doctor ordered:-)

*What are you eating for dinner tonight? Who cooked it?


  1. The previews for the Heat look HORRIBLE to me. Then again I don't think Melissa McCarthy or Sandra Bullock are funny. Am I the only one? How was the pasta? I have that recipe saved but haven't gotten around to making it.

    1. The pasta was good--perfect for hot summer days.
      I agree that Sandra Bullock is _not_ funny, but I do think MM can be funny. Just, unfortunately, not in this movie.