Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ladies Lunch

Happy humpday, y'all, or perhaps happy Friday? (For those of you who have the rest of the holiday week off?) I don't have to work tomorrow, though I do have to work on Friday and Saturday. I'm not complaining, though, since only working two days this week is still a pretty sweet deal. I just wish I could learn to savor the days off a bit more, ya know? I prepare in my head for how I'll spend them, but in general they just float away and I rarely feel utterly rejuvenated before the next week. Again, I can't imagine how M-F, 9-5ers do it long term.

Today I filled my day off with some pleasure and some work. First, I rode my mountain bike to Gold Hill, which is about four miles from our house. (Four miles straight uphill, I should add.) My gym is closed this week and thus I'm trying to branch out fitness-wise. It's nice to be back on my bike, though riding while pregnant has some serious disadvantages. The first one is that carrying extra weight while climbing uphill is _not_ fun. There is a reason that cycling climbers weigh next to nothing, my friends. Another disadvantage? Sitting on a bike saddle and having my legs push into my stomach a bit while pedaling is not the ideal setup for someone who has to pee all the time anyway. But...on the plus side, nothing beats riding downhill, feeling a cool breeze, and just enjoying being outside in the summertime.

After riding, I went down to Denver to have lunch with my friend Shannon. We ate at Watercourse and I had the Jimmy Wrap as always.

It's basically a greek salad and hummus in a wheat wrap, and I had it with broccoli and kale on the side.  Shockingly, I only ate half and saved the rest to take home. (This never happens to me.)

I was glad that I didn't eat the whole enchilada too, since I had a two-thirty meeting back in Boulder and wouldn't have appreciated feeling stuffed.

My meeting was to discuss a freelance editorial project I'm taking on starting next week. That's all I will say about it, mostly because it's just not that interesting. But I will say that unless Popsockets makes me and David rich I'm going to have to eventually quit the Humane Society in order to do more freelance work. The pay is just way better, though working for a non-profit animal shelter is certainly better for my conscience.

After my meeting I went to mail a package for David. I also treated myself to some herbal iced tea:

This was just about the most refreshing thing ever. Seriously--why don't I just make iced tea myself more often...err...ever? Guess I'm not a domestic goddess just yet:-(

*What percentage of the time would you say you only eat a portion of your meal at a restaurant and save the rest for "to go?"

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