Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Musings

Today was just another day at the office. First up, bootcamp at my gym. I really like the classes at my gym, but every time I see someone riding their bike outside during the winter I get envious. If only I wasn't such a chicken you know what when it comes to riding when it's cold out. Um, also, there is still a lot of snow on the ground from our recent storms--these riders are actually pretty kooky.

After boot camp I grabbed a quick bite before going to the movies. Soup, actually. It was mediocre, but luckily I also got myself a vegan oatmeal chocolate chip muffin to take to the theatre with me.

Once at the theater, I saw Amour. You might remember it as that French movie with a strange preview and two old people. It actually won for best foreign film at the Academy Awards last week, so I figured that despite the likelihood that it would be slightly depressing I'd go see it.

It was slightly depressing, as it's the story of an older couple and how they cope with one of them--the wife--growing infirm and dying. There wasn't much of a soundtrack to the movie, and most of it was close shots of the two main characters as they move through ordinary activities in their day-to-day existence. This, I think, could easily have been a wasted tactic, but here it works to make you feel the "realness" of what you're watching. After all, in some ways it must be easier to believe that what you're watching is "real" if its a portrait of someone washing the dishes rather than a portrait of, say, a Belgian spy that's come from the future to kill you.

Before I get all movie critic on you, I'll just say that yah, it was a good movie, and superbly acted. It made me think a bit about a time when I'll be close to dying, and I wondered during the movie if married couples feel a great sense of accomplishment about their lives together when it's clear that that life is almost over. I mean, will I look at David and feel elation at the life that we built together, and how much we share and shared?

Speaking of coupledom and death, do you and your partner discuss who will likely die first? Anybody? We do, and it's really a pretty contentious issue over here at Nikki Cooks Kale. After all, I eat a shit ton of kale, I'm ten years younger than David, and I'm ... duh, a female. All these things are in my favor, but for his part David has longevity in his genes: his grandpa only recently died while in his late nineties. And, as David loooooves to point out, he doesn't use lots of girly smelling products that (according to him) are probably building up in my brain and body causing cancer as I type this.

Sorry for the morbid subject matters, people. But look on the bright side: Daylight Savings Time starts in less than two weeks, AND!!! Easter is at the end of this month!!! That means more daylight, more happy time, and Reese's Egg Cups are in our future--yes!

*What is your favorite Easter candy? Do you often think, around this time of year, that the last candy holiday is approaching? After Easter there isn't another candy-crazy holiday until Halloween in October:-(


  1. I walked through the Easter aisle at the grocery store today and the chocolate egg creme candies were so tempting. I ask Joey questions like that all the time but usually say something along the lines of "I hope I die first, because I'd be miserable without you but you'd probably get along fine without me." Isn't that nice?

    1. That is exactly how that conversation goes in our house!!! I'm really hoping to be no. 1 too!