Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Picture Day

That title reminds me of elementary and middle school, when we always had a day that was designated "picture day." Man did my mom and I make some serious mistakes on those fateful days. One year I'm sporting a haircut that is clearly courtesy of my mom (with way crooked bangs and everything), and another year I'm clearly in need of a training bra but have none. Whoops!

Anyway, speaking of tiny little breastuses (uh huh, breastuses), chicken have them. And today I had a hardboiled egg for breakfast. With pepita toast.

After breakfast I went to my bootcamp class at the gym, where I got sweaty and tired. And then I saw this little guy in the parking lot:

Like a little teddy bear/dog mix, right? I just love a pouffy dog.

Lunch was a repeat of yesterday, I'm afraid.

These vegetarian sushis are usually a disappointment to me because I'm hoping to taste a pillow of salmon and instead all I get is cucumber and carrot. But recently they've been sounding soooo good, especially the avocado bites.

After lunch and a bit of work on my dissertation abstract David and I gave Haruki a bath. You all know how much she loves baths, right? So of course I had to grab my camera and coo over how fucking pissed (and cute!) she looked while we tortured her with water and soap.

Bribing her with freeze-dried salmon...ewwww, but it works. 

"I'm going to bite your face off while you sleep for this."

*What embarrasses you when you look back through your yearly school pictures?


  1. What *doesn't* embarrass me when I look back through old school pictures? Haruki looks so cute in those pictures! And that slice of bread looks like something I would love. The nuttier/seedier the better!

    1. You should definitely try some--it's Pepita Farmhouse (from Whole Foods).