Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Goofy Ruki

Thank goodness it was nicer here today, peeps. Sadly I didn't make much of the pretty day, since I spent most of it sitting inside and editing my dissertation. I did start the day off right, however, with getting my bottom kicked in my bootcamp class. 

Then I celebrated with my new lunch of choice.

Maybe tomorrow I'll branch out.

Other highlights from today include the selection of a new pope. Have I mentioned here that I was raised Catholic? Like, Sunday School and the works? I like to think it's why I'm a relatively good person. Not because being Catholic makes you a good person, but because in my particular case the fear of being bad made me feel so guilty that I just had to be good.

So even though I don't consider myself Catholic anymore, seeing the pomp of a new pope being chosen was kind of moving. I mean, do Catholics know how do it up or what?

Ruki is less impressed with all the haps in Rome today. Actually, she's been spending a lot of time relaxing on her back lately.

What a goofy dog.

*Do you care if there is a new pope?


  1. Yes! I do care! Not enough to read the newspaper, but totally digging the social media about the Pope. Okay, okay I will probably check out the actual news sometime. BTW totally raised Catholic over here too. What I really care about is how in the world you let David get away with that pants and shoes combo. Yikes girl. A wife has responsibilities you know ;) My husband has a similial pair of pants I have been trying to wean him off for years now with no luck.

    1. Do I save some face because those are his pajamas?

  2. I didn't actually see any of the pope coverage but was keeping track of the happenings via Twitter and it was much funnier and more entertaining than the actual events probably are. I follow a lot of comedians. You are making me seriously crave sushi!

    1. You should go eat some salmon rolls since I'm not eating them. And, um, post pictures on your blog:-)