Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Flashback

Hey friends! How's the start of your weekend going so far? Perhaps your getting a weekend of spring-like weather? Not so much over here. It's sunny now but going to get snowy later this evening. Boo.

So, in honor of a weekend that looks like it could be a "snowed in" one, I thought I'd post some pictures of another trip that David and I took. This trip was two years ago, and was when David and I traveled to England. David was giving a talk at the Aristotelian Society in London, where I was also on a research grant to check out some medical archives. 

This was a little something that I spotted at a convenience store in London. I can't decide whether I most enjoyed that it was said to have "squidgy energy," or that it said on the package, "I'm a SNACK!"

I should get a t-shirt that says "I'm a SNACK!"

This picture is from Highgate Cemetery in North London. FYI, lots of famous British celebs live right in this neighborhood, though we didn't see any of them when we were there.

Also at Highgate Cemetery, at George Eliot's grave:

Yes, George Eliot was really a woman!!! (I think David is still working that one out, along with how what is called the nineteenth century is really the 1800s. That one gets him every time.)

Below is from our brief getaway to Bath, England.

This is where Jane Austen lived for several years and where many of her characters went when they were in need of a restorative water cure, i.e. some time spent in underground baths at a resort town.

Bath is also special for me because that's where David proposed to me. Here, actually, at the Pulteney Bridge.

I believe I said, "Are you fucking with me" before I said "OK, yes!"

We also went to Oxford, where the food was pretty mediocre and everyone looked like they were working on a PhD.

After Bath and Oxford we went back through London before leaving. During that time David did some surfing on the tube:

Seriously, this is no hands, people!! Unfortunately the commuters on our train were not amused, and in true British fashion they avoided looking at David, smiling at his silly antics, or even making eye contact. It was much the same when David pulled a similar move on the metro in Paris. He just doesn't translate, I guess:-)

And finally, one of me and David on the Thames, with Westminster in the back there on the left. I like to think that I was wishing for world peace, but maybe I was just thinking how nice it would be if David had a British accent.

*Do you wish your partner had an accent? Or maybe a different accent than s/he has now?


  1. Okay, squidgy might be my new favorite word. Of course George Eliot is a woman, how would anyone not know that? I always wish Joey had an Irish accent. How cool (and slightly indecipherable) are those??

    1. You'd be surprised what people say when I tell them the time frame and authors that I work on. Most often I'll mention Charles Dickens and they'll say something like, "Oh I think I just read a review of his latest book in XYZ." Although, wouldn't that be a great newspaper column--reviewing old books again as if they had just been released?