Friday, March 15, 2013

Summer Top Ten

Yup--the ten things I'm looking forward to this Summer. Let's start with the bottom and work our way to the top, shall we?

No. 10:

Wearing skirts, and maybe even dresses. For some reason pants have just felt so constraining lately, and I'm eager to get into some skirts and flip flops asap.

No. 9:

More more more sunshine!!! It's pretty sunny here in Colorado, but even still I've been dying for more sun for about six weeks. Feeling grumpy in the summer is completely different from feeling grumpy in the winter. In the first case you can go outside and feel the sun and/or breeze on your face; in the second case you can pretty much only go inside and think about how dark it seems outside.

No. 8:

Eating lots of fruits. Umm, cherries, anyone?

At what other time during the year does eating a bowl of fruit really feel like dessert? Only when it's summer, and only when its cherries or watermelon, in my opinion.

No. 7:

All the undergraduate students leaving Boulder for the summer. Enough said.

No. 6:

Eating outdoors. People in London and Paris seemed to eat outside even in the dead of winter (perhaps it's to better facilitate smoking?), but I think that al fresco dining just isn't the same unless it's warm and sunny and the day feels fun and hopeful.

No. 5:

Not worrying about if "the roads" will be bad or good from inclement weather. This also, incidentally, makes like much easier when you are riding a road bike on said roads. I suspect I won't be doing too much of that this summer, but it's nice to know that a trip to Denver won't have to be cancelled just because it decided to blizzard.

No. 4:

Being finished with my dissertation and school.

Don't really fill your name in there, people. It's a pretend diploma, and no, I'm not graduating with a degree in auctioneering--that would be way too lucrative for me. But seriously, I'm excited to have finished with this most recent career hoop, and hope that some kind of fulfilling job/career path opens up for me around May 10. Preferably something part-time, especially come Fall.

No. 3:

Eating pizza.

Sometimes you just want pizza. Am I right?

No. 2:

Spending time with my nieces.

Over the past three months they've become even more cute than usual to me. I wouldn't mind if the summer brought more hours spent with those three little cuties.

And No. 1:

Growing my own little chubby cutie:

Due October 1, people. And, by the looks of it, already one smart (or at least really big headed) baby!


  1. Wait! You are pregnant?! That is awesome! Congratulations. Then you do have so many things to look forward to this summer and fall.

    1. According to my doctor and that ultrasound I'm definitely pregnant:-) To me, however, it all seems surreal...prolly not for long, though!

  2. Ahhhhhh! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I have an October babe myself. I have been waiting for this announcement and had a feeling when you said you wouldn't be riding bikes much. That's so great!! Hopefully it hasn't been too hard to work on your dissertation since the first trimester is mostly about sleep. I think I slept 14 hours a day. This explains the salmon too doesn't it? Can't wait to baby shop for you. So much fun. Congrats again!!

    1. OK now I'm sure that you didn't get the email I sent you--about a month ago now? Um, when I said I'm knocked up? That's why I dragged my feet posting after Mexico, b/c I was so tired and sick.
      This definitely explains the salmon, and it also explains why my dissertation might have more errors in it than it should. I'm turning it in this week and hopeful that my committee understands that nausea + exhaustion are not the best compliments to academic research. Sigh. Oh well!

    2. No, I definitely did not get an e-mail. Rats. I would have liked to have had this happy news a month ago too. I am so very happy for you!!!! If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. The tired stopped for me almost exactly when the second trimester started so it does get better. The second trimester is definitely the easiest so enjoy it.

    3. Awww, thanks!! That's really, really nice to hear. And not just the part about the exhaustion ending at the second trimester, either:-)
      I had hopes that the nausea and exhaustion would end right at twelve weeks, but since then I've read that some people say the first trimester goes through thirteen or even fourteen weeks. Did yours stop right at twelve? Also, since you requested the snow that we got last week could you put in a request that mine stops at twelve too? (Which is in two days!!!)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! As soon as you said you hoped to be working part time come fall, I knew what was up. I'm so happy for you!

    1. Really? I thought the remark about pants feeling constraining would clue everyone in. Either that or the fact that I've eaten vegetarian sushi every single day for the last two weeks!