Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Subway Reunion

Pretty big day over here, peeps. I mean, not only did I have raisin bran for breakfast, but I also just so happened to finish my dissertation. I'll let you decide which was more enjoyable. I'm not completely finished exactly, since I still have to defend the thing and then make whatever minor changes my dissertation committee suggests. But the thing is at Kinkos, people, where they are making the last two years of my life into a neat little binder with lots of pages. Sigh. If only it hadn't taken an hour for the Kinkos guy to get the directions for printing correct. Oh well. Tomorrow I pick up my binders and deliver them to my committee, after which I won't have to worry about too much until my defense on April 10. (Aside from cleaning my house, which I haven't thoroughly done since I got pregnant and starting feeling sick like two and half months ago---ewwww!)

In addition to raisin bran, today I also ate a Subway sandwich. I've eaten a Subway sandwich for lunch three out of the last four or five days. See?

I guess we have a new pregnancy craving, since that veggie sushi no longer sounds appealing. The strange thing about Subway is that before this craving hit I hadn't been to Subway in probably five years. I'd say in general people in Boulder tend to eat at non-chain restaurants, and at least for me that's true. I did used to eat them in high school a lot, which is, I suppose, where the craving for a veggie delite sandwich came from. Go figure.

Hey! On a different but related note, have any of you been to San Francisco? David and I are traveling there next week and I'm always up for dining recommendations if you have them! I've never been before, and whenever I've never been somewhere I always want to get at much info as possible about the city I'm visiting before going.

And finally, another food focused point: I'm also really digging couscous lately. It's so easy to cook, and it even comes in whole wheat varieties. This is what I had for dinner last night, and what I'm about to cook for dinner tonight:

That's couscous with kale, parmesan cheese, and a drizzle of olive oil. Is it just me or is "drizzle" kind of annoying? It's almost like "moist"; I can't tell if it's annoying because it sounds kind of sensual or because so many foodies and bloggers overuse the word. Let me rephrase by saying that this is couscous with kale, parmesan cheese, and a slob of olive oil. Yummm!

*Do you eat at Subway?


  1. Yeah, why is the word drizzle so gross? I don't know, but I definitely try to avoid ever saying it!

    Not a fan of Subway although I did go through a phase when I ate it probably once a month. The smell is weird to me.

    But most importantly, Congratulations! Such an exciting time and I can't wait to hear about your experiences!

    1. Thanks!!! And, I have to say, I don't think I could eat at Subway if I was a meat eater. Seeing all their "meats" makes me wonder about their contents...they just don't look real--it's like their meats are actually reconstituted meat or something.

  2. Congrats on finishing your dissertation and good luck on your defense. Make sure you get there early! When I defended my Master's Thesis, I almost missed it.

    We had recently moved about 45 min north of my University since I started a real j-o-b just prior to graduating. Being the responsible prepared guy I am, I took half a day off work and got on the road about noon to be plenty early for my 4PM thesis defense.

    Well, a major multi-car pile up had me sitting on the interstate for over three hours. I was stuck under an overpass and there was no way for me to turn around until the cops moved the backlog behind me.

    I ran into my defense with only a few minutes to spare. Time enough for me to plug my laptop into the projector.

    Hopefully I used up all that Defense bad luck for you.

    1. Yah, geez that sounds terrible! I can't imagine that sitting in your car for three hours helped your nerves, either!

  3. Congrats on the dissertation finishing! I used to eat at Subway even though I always thought it smelled disgusting. And I used to order a cold cut trio. Isn't that gross?! I never knew what the trio cold cuts actually was.

    1. Hmmm...you're the second person to say that Subway smells disgusting, but every time I've been in there recently I walk in and think mmmm...it smells so good and bread-y in here. I guess I should take that with a grain of pregnancy "salt," though, since last week I thought maybe Haruki's food didn't smell so bad either:-)