Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bean Dealings

Heya dirty playas. Oops, sorry. That's how I open posts on my "other," more risqué blog.

Hi peeps! Happy Thursday! Thanks for being understanding about my lack of post yesterday. (That is not meant for those of you who silently fumed b/c you really wanted to see pictures of the Subway sub I ate for lunch again yesterday.) (And today.)

Yes, I ate Subway for lunch again today. And I ate couscous again for dinner last night.

The sad thing is that if I was a good food blogger I'd blog: "Geez, I'm sorry, guys, there has been a real dearth of food variety on this blog since I got knocked up."

But in reality there is always a lack of food variety since I am inconsistent with my food photography and actually eat pretty boring crap. Today, however, I did manage to try something new:

And they're actually really good! They might look like creepy hippy non-food, but the first ingredient is actually black beans, which is good since yesterday my doctor told me I need to keep up my bean intake. Heh. I'm sure she meant chips made from beans, not just regular beans. Following directions is just a talent that I have.

Also of note today? The sunrise! Since daylight savings time kicked in its been dark when I wake up. So in addition to getting an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day, I also get to see the sunrise more frequently. Today it was pretty.

Too bad it's going to snow again here this weekend.

*Am I due for a manicure or what?


  1. Don't even talk about the snow coming this weekend. I am no happy about it. Maybe I'm biased but I always think Colorado has the best sunsets/sunrises.

    1. I am positively depressed about the weather this weekend. I don't think I can take another weekend of being snowed in...check back on Monday to make sure I made it:-) I hope you have a good weekend though!