Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's for Dinner?

Hey peeps, happy Thursday! Is anyone else just barely hanging on until the weekend? And until March 1 hits, for that matter? For some reason I am dying for spring and summer, and keep telling myself that once we get to March winter is pretty much over. (Despite the fact that Colorado gets most of its snow in March, I mean. Heh.)

Today the weather was pretty accommodating, however, which is nice since today I was scheduled to help with the dog intake at the Humane Society. I keep trying to get clear shots of these dogs and puppies, but there's something about several hours in a van that makes puppies unable to stand still once they've gotten out:-)

We sure did have a cute bunch today, though. Check it out:

And, speaking of dogs, someone turns three years old today!!! (It's Haruki.) To celebrate I got her a birthday dog cookie to eat once David gets home.

And yes, I did consider trying the dog cookie, though after hearing that it was mostly chicken liver I decided not so much.

Instead, I treated myself to an overpriced smoothie from Whole Foods on the way home from the dog shelter.

AND...AND!!! I got treated to this view on the way home:

Dinner was somewhat less spectacular, and was just a hummus sandwich like the one I got at Whole Foods the other day.

That's pasteurized feta cheese on top. So salty. So good.

*What did you have for dinner?


  1. I had to read critical comments on my dissertation all day, so I decided to spend the rest of the day/evening in the kitchen for comfort. Dinner was roasted brussels sprouts with couscous that had onions, garlic, kohlrabi, and lemon zest in it. And then I chopped up a giant pineapple and made a smoothie that had vodka in it. And then I made oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips, walnuts, almonds, and orange peel. And now I'm on the couch.

    1. I'm glad you ended with "And now I'm on the couch" because otherwise I would've felt bad about myself for not having, like, made a fancy tasty dinner for me and David.

  2. Hmm what did I have for dinner on Thursday? Oh, I made my sister and I some tortilla soup. So much soup that I think we'll be eating it for the next two weeks. Oh well. Those WF smoothies always looks so good but they're kinda expensive (what isn't at WF, though?) and the one time I got one I swear I watched the guy put a whole cup of dates in there. I was like "oh no wonder it's so sweet and so expensive!"

    1. Yah, they are prohibitively expensive. I hadn't noticed until now because I'd always purchased them with other stuff, but this time I bought just a smoothie and when the cashier quoted the price I actually said, "Wow, so that's how much these are? I totally can't afford that!!"