Friday, March 8, 2013

Salmon Friday

It's a new thing, peeps. Every Friday we eat salmon? No? Just me? Uhhh, wait till you guys see what kind of salmon I've been eating too--that'll really lose me some Salmon Friday followers.

First things first, though. This morning was the usual Friday business: bootcamp followed by lunch. I did go to Target in between those two things though, where I purchased deodorant, mascara, lotion, and some Easter Hershey's Kisses. David and I will be out of town for Easter (more on that next week) so I figured I'd better get a little Easter candy action on while I'm still in town.

Lunch was my new usual, veggie sushi.

Seriously, people, it's the avocado. It's so creamy and dreamy, especially with a wasabi explosion.

During lunch I got to thinking about chopsticks, since I own a pair of my own. These are they:

Is it a strange thing to own chopsticks when you hardly ever eat chopstick-worthy food?  I mean, I got these in college from a boyfriend and now they're really coming in handy, but otherwise I absolutely never use them.

After lunch I got to work on my dissertation bibliography. Basically, I have to go through the footnotes on my two-hundred page dissertation and make sure every work I've cited ends up in a long list at the end of the thing. Boo. And useless--who is ever going to read a dissertation on Victorian gynecology?

The good news about this kind of work, however, is that it's mindless, and you can do it for a long time. This is not true about most dissertation work, so it was a nice change from having to think clearly.

I recently broke for a snack, and you'll never guess what it was. Salmon!!! Yes, salmon! And not just any salmon, but salmon in a can.

Is that not, like, the most disgusting looking thing ever? It looks more like salmon brain than salmon fillet. The back story on this salmon is that David has been trying to get me to eat it for a long, long time. It's this brand:

Apparently it has even less mercury than wild Alaskan salmon, and(!!!) it comes in a BPA-free can. And obviously it has all those omega threes and such.

Now, I think those things are all great, but salmon in a can? Umm, no thank you, not a chance in hell. Recently, however, David got me to first sniff it, then try a tiny bite, and it's actually really good! It doesn't taste fishy and actually tastes light and flaky to me--more like canned tuna than canned salmon. So, go figure, I ate some for a snack today, and enjoyed it.

I hate it when David is right. About anything.

*Would you eat canned salmon? Do you own chopsticks?


  1. I recently found that my grocery store sells single, frozen salmon burgers for $1. I haven't tried it yet but I am very skeptical. But I would totally eat canned salmon, if it was better than the "Chicken of the Sea" brand. That stuff is nasty.
    No chopsticks. Not very good at using them. But better than my boyfriend, which is a sore spot between us.
    And I hear you on bibliographies being boring. I normally watch a TV show while writing them. Granted, mine are normally for reports shorter than 10 pages. Not a massive 200 page dissertation. But congrats for almost being done!

    1. Thanks!! I really can't believe I'm almost done--I've been jumping through hoops for so long that it seems like there must be another one round the corner!! (I'm sure you know what that's like!)

  2. Okay. Have you ever had one of those moments where everything you thought you knew somehow seems all wrong and you question the very fiber of your understanding of life and ask yourself have you missed something that was right in front of your face and are you an idiot for doing so?

    So this post has been nagging at me all weekend and it's because I thought you were both vegetarians and I didn't want to comment and sound like I don't read your blog because I don't think I have ever missed a post. Ever. From the very beginning. Now I want to re-read every danged post and see where I missed pictures of fish!

    It's like the Twilight Zone.

    Am I crazy? I'm crazy aren't I?

    1. Heh. You might be crazy, but it is true that David and I are both vegetarians. I've recently started incorporating salmon into my diet to get some omega threes. (Or fours, or sixes--whichever are the good ones.)
      Bummer, though. Next week I was going to post a pic of a steak and see who would freak their shit:-) Guess the jig is up.