Monday, March 4, 2013


Well, peeps, the week is here, again. And it's still not quite spring. Boo., Mother Nature. I am really ready for spring. It feels so close, but then again it snowed again here today. Not a lot, but just enough to remind us that winter isn't over.

The weekend, however, was great in terms of weather. There were a few minor events, among them a date night with my husband...ewwww...still so strange to say husband. On Saturday we went downtown to have dinner at Hapa Sushi Grill on Pearl Street. Afterwards we walked on Pearl and shared a piece of banana bread at a coffee shop for dessert. One of the highlights of the evening was discovering a new store on Pearl Street. It's called Rocket Fizz,

and it's an actual candy shop! While there used to be a candy shop on Pearl Street, it closed down about a year ago and left a real dearth of candy options in town.

I'd say I eat candy approximately five times per year, but despite that ex-anorexic bullshit I really really love looking at candy shops. Especially when they're like Rocket Fizz and have lots of candy that is from foreign countries or the olden days. For example, here are a few highlights.

These two are British, I believe.

And these three are just plain weird/interesting:

Does anyone else like to personify cinnamon and gummy bears, just because they kinda do seem like little creatures? Or at least like they should be real little creatures?

I guess I shouldn't be throwing stones and little gummy creatures, however, since my eats today have been just about as random as chocolate-covered gummy bears. They include:

Hardboiled eggs:

And no, I didn't eat all that salt. 

Fancy olives:

And acorn squash:

David doesn't like stuff when it's even slight burnt, so I pulled the burnt parts off his half and stuck them on mine. 

Real nutritional powerhouse day, I tell you.

*What about you? Did you eat much nutritional powerhouse stuff today?


  1. I have had that Aero chocolate bar! I posted pics on my blog a month or so ago. It was nothing special, in fact I was quite disappointed in it.

    I LOVE acorn squash. I made it for dinner the other night when we had friends over and they kinda stuck their noses up at it. I was so sad throwing away an almost entirely uneaten squash they had barely nibbled out.

    And hey, what's the deal with fancy olives??? We have an olive bar at the local fancy grocery but I can never figure out 1) what is my incentive and 2) which of the olives I should even buy.

    1. Yah but have you had a "chewy cosmos of peanut and caramel?" Didn't think so:-)
      That's sad about your acorn squash. When it's good it's really really good. I've been known to cook one, eat half, and tell David that he might only get a few bites of "his" half. That's funny about having people over and knowing that they don't like the thing that you've cooked that you love. That happened to me recently with my healthified banana bread. It was really sad to throw away this person's big chunk of bread and then listen to them tell me how great everything was. Oh well.
      And RE: olives, I'm not sure what the deal with fancy olives is. I don't usually buy olives but had a hankering for them yesterday. I just picked some green olives that looked good and luckily they were good. So that's my advice.