Monday, March 11, 2013


Sadly, peeps, I ain't got no weekend haps today. The only photo I took is this one:

And that about sums up my weekend highlights. Yikes.

Today got off to an ever better start, since when I opened my gym locker I found a thick layer of shampoo on the bottom of it.

I swear that's shampoo. I just don't know why it looks like that when it's been congealed in an enclosed space.

After my bootcamp class and a shower I headed to Whole Foods to grab a snack before meeting my parents for lunch. For my snack I had some bubbly water, part of a challah roll, and a string cheese stick.

I had never tried a challah roll, and recently a friend said they're tasty. Verdict? It's pretty tasty. I'm not sure if I'd get another but I liked it.

I don't have pictures of my lunch with my parents, but after lunch I did go with my Dad to pick up my nieces from school. I think I almost cried when my niece Riley yelled my name when she saw I was there. I'm pretty popular with the five-year old set.

We took my nieces to Yogurtland for a nice sugary treat. Here's my cup:

That's a bit of strawberry banana greek frozen yogurt, as well as some red velvet regular yogurt.

And, just for kicks, here's a pic of my niece Morgan and her little feets crossed under the table:

I think one of the cutest parts about little kids is when they adopt adult-like gestures and mannerisms, so this really amused me. My amusement also amused my nieces, a lot, but I guess that could've just been the sugar high hitting too:-)

*Have you eaten frozen yogurt recently? If yes, what flavor?


  1. I really love your blog because we are so much alike and in simliar places in life. However, I can never comment because I'm usually reading on my ipad and have to decipher indecipherable (is that a word?) letters in order to post something. Can you change that?? Please! I promise I'll comment more!

    1. Umm, did I do it? I think I fixed it, but let me know if you try again and I didn't.
      And über thanks for your very nice comment! I like to hear from people who are like me:-)

    2. If this posts then it worked!