Thursday, September 27, 2012


Thank goodness it is Thursday. And, thank goodness that we got some clouds and rain today here in Boulder. The only downside of the rain is that living on a dirt road + rainstorms + Haruki's paws =

Aside from wiping off Haruki's paws, I've had a pretty low-key day. I worked for awhile from home, went to a class at my gym, and then went to see my doctor about the blood work that I had done about two weeks ago. Apparently my adrenal system/thyroid are fatigued, likely still from the damage I did to my bad self when I was anorexic. In addition, my iron levels are v. low, which means I got to start taking an iron supplement today. Woohoo! David suggests prunes for low iron, but really, how many prunes can a single person eat?!!

In other news, we got David's iPhone 5 Popsockets prototypes! Actually, to be specific, I drove an hour to get them and David agreed to spend time with me in public as a trade-off. Check it out:

This is the most Nikki cleavage that you'll see on this blog. 

So, what do you all think? Was it worth waiting in line for three hours for the iPhone 5 so David could get these prototypes? And, honestly, do Popsockets look like a case that you might like? You can be honest with me, since I didn't actually invent them--I've just listened to David talk about them for the last two years. Nonstop. Seriously. Nonstop.

Personally, I think they are a good idea, especially for people who use their headsets a lot. I've been a bit reluctant because I like things that are simple, clean, and non-bulky. But David's really worked on the design to slim this case down, so I might even use Popsockets when he finally manufactures them. Actually, if I didn't put Popsockets on my phone David might divorce me.

*Was your blog post today also boring? What do you do when you have nothing clever to say yet you still need to put a post up?


  1. I don't think I would use a Popsocket on my phone, but I for sure would on my Kindle Fire when I watch Netflix. Danged thing is always falling over.

    I think my post today was kinda good. I mean, there was a censored picture if me licking a giant pumpkin. So, yeah, kinda good. I usually just put up cool pictures if I have nothing to say.

    You would show more cleavage if you bought the clothes from the VS catalog. Just saying.

    I also dislike muddy/wet dog paws. Perhaps a solution to that problem can be David's next invention.

    1. Well, funny you mention that, Joanna, since David has already invented a version for tablets and is working on getting that "out" too.
      That picture of you and the pumpkin was diiiiiiirty!!! :-) I think you should consider something similar, only a step up, in a picture with Santa this a blog X-mas card that you could e-send to all the big bloggers to get your name (ass) out there!
      Think about it.

  2. These PopSockets look awesome! I want some please. Nikki, are you in trouble for not spelling "PopSockets" correctly?

    1. Bradley!!!! How is NZ!??! Por qué no photos of NZ on FB?
      I'm glad you like the Popsockets...don't tell David about my spelling mishap:-)
      We hope you're having fun and we miss you!

  3. Cooking with cast iron is another way to get a little extra iron in your diet. Of course, that's just what I've always read and I have no idea if it's a negligible amount or not. Good luck!

    1. Yah, we already use one. Maybe I should start licking it though--you know, how Joanna licks those poor innocent pumpkins...