Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Paisley and Willow

Hey-o, peeps! I realize that I don't usually post this early in the day, but I thought I'd give it a go since I'm up early and procrastinating my "real" work. How does it feel to know that you are not my "real" work? This blog is kind of like a mistress to my dissertation "spouse." For all you non-literary types who don't appreciate figurative devices, I'm saying that I use you for distraction when I don't feel like writing more serious and smart stuff. Another word for it would start with a "W" and end with an "E." First person to figure out the crossword gets a grainy picture of my breakfast--GO!

In other news, I went in for a shift at the humane society yesterday. With the wedding and our house and my three weeks of boo-hooing, it had been some time since I'd been to walk the shelter dogs, and it felt good to be back again.

So, without further adieu, meet Paisley and Willow!


I really liked Paisley. When I did the "love test" she came right over. What's the love test, you ask? Well, I sit on a bench and wait to see if the dog comes over to me for petting and general loving-ness. Some dogs don't respond to this at all, but Paisley was very affectionate and sweet.

Next I walked Willow, who is a six month year-old German Shepherd mix.

That last picture is of the fur patterns on Willow's back. Isn't that cute? Hmmm. Now that I'm looking at that picture it looks like I've dropped Willow's leash. Whoops. That's definitely not humane society policy--to let shelter dogs free. Luckily I'm confident that no one from the humane society reads my blog.

You can see more about these dogs and the Boulder Valley Humane Society here: http://www.boulderhumane.org/

Walking these dogs makes me feel a little bit less guilty about my next post segment, which concerns finger puppets. I'm sure, like Joanna, you were all waiting to hear what these finger puppets were for. The finger puppets are another of David's genius ideas, meant to solve the problem of these:

Clicking against the windowsills every time the wind blows. We tried full-sized socks for awhile, but according to David these finger puppets are really going to change our lives.

Like so:

It kind of looks like we are into some kind of sick voodoo shit, doesn't it? Maybe that's incentive for you all to make nice in the comments section; if you don't I'll take one of these puppies down and start pricking it while I think about your face. Muahaha... (P.S. I had to Google muahaha. What a stupid word.)

OK, I'm off to run before my Body Pump class. After that I'm going to work at a coffee shop in town. I figure I'm too embarrassed to sleep in a public coffee shop, so hopefully I'll get through page eight of this blasted introduction.

*Have you ever put a hex on someone?


  1. Those dogs are adorable! I miss Zorra, my Australian Blue Heeler, so much. She is sometimes the only reason why I visit my parents (my parents are not internet savvy so they will never read this).

    Also, there is this amazing bookstore by where I live that sells finger puppets of famous people (scientists, artists, authors). I love getting them for people as gifts because there is a puppet perfect for everyone.

  2. That's hilarious about the finger puppets. Don't be surprised if you see finger puppet ads popping up on my blog from here on out.
    P.S. I just googled images of Australian Blue Heeler puppies, and I can see why Zorra might draw you to visit more than your parents. Maybe your Mom and Dad should up their game--i.e. with finger puppet gifts--so you have more of a desire to see them:-)

  3. Those finger puppets are such a clever idea! I would have done something boring and unattractive, like blu-tac the blind openers to the window...

    1. I'll tell David that you think so...though his body is going to start tipping over like a watermelon on a Q-tip because his head is so big...